Disciplined Thinking

Personal development teaches us that through focused, disciplined thinking, a person can shape their world and circumstances to the way they want them to be.

This website encompasses the powerful concepts back of personal development, self improvement and growth.

disciplined thinking

It explains how new thought concepts such as the Law of Attraction occupy a major part our lives and the way that they are shaped through our own mastery of those concepts.

People can read through the pages of this site and learn how their thoughts determine how everything in their lives comes about and how a simple shift in mental attitude can bring about huge positive changes in every aspect of those lives.

What Do You Think?

You might wonder about what you are thinking most of the time or if your thoughts are conducive to a happy, prosperous life. Let's get into this.

I'd like to begin this introduction with a two thousand year old quote:

"As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he."

If the import of the quote is lost on you, it might help to explain it in real terms.

What it's saying is that your thoughts dictate who you are. In other words what you predominantly think about defines your personality, character and everything you have in your life!

The Power of Thought

the power of thoughtIt may seem almost incredulous that thought can possibly be anything more than what goes on inside your head. However, there is scientific proof that every thought that you produce has a certain vibration to it which is measurable.

In essence, your thoughts are pulses of energy that can have an effect on the way you live your life and to some extent have a secondary effect on those around you.

Most people do not know this or do not understand the implications of the very real power of the mind. But gaining an understanding of just how much of an effect on your life those random and often chaotic jumble of thoughts that go on inside your head all day long and often well into the night can have will benefit you in more ways that you can know!

Build Self Confidence

When you become confident in yourself and in the things you say and do, your life takes on a whole new aspect. You feel good and that good feeling radiates out of you giving your appearance a boost and a sparkle that others certainly notice.

People have more respect for you because you have more respect for yourself. This can be seen from the way you interact with others around you and the way they respond to your words and actions. In short, it transforms your life from one of mediocrity and lacking in lustre to one of good standing, decisiveness and high esteem.

The Power of Positive Thinking

the power of positive thinkingYou have probably heard about how thinking in a positive manner can transform your whole outlook on life and thereby influence the things you do. That has a knock-on effect of influencing the people around you in the way they react to you.

When you are positive in thought, you are naturally positive in action. That's because your actions are largely controlled by your predominant mental state.

If it's negative, you will act in a negative way and give off negative vibes that other people unconsciously pick up. That will attract to you people in the same mental state because like attracts like.

However, when your thoughts are positive, your actions and characteristics are also positive in nature. You attract positive people to you because they are the ones more receptive to your positive vibes!

This concept is more fully explained in my articles on "Focusing Thought" and "What is the Law of Attraction?"

Critical Thinking

You can vastly expand your mental capabilities by exercising your mind just as in similar concept you exercise your body to keep it fit and healthy. Developing a critical thought pattern enables you to study the subjects that are important to you in greater depth while achieving a better understanding of what you are studying.

The real test is to strike a balance between critical thought and the discipline your mental activities require to enable you to stay focused on the goal you set for yourself while remaining positive in your attitude.

Creative Thinking

Probably the best expressed definition of this form of thought is that it is a way of mentally approaching problems or situations that result in unorthodox solutions. To think creatively is to literally come up with ideas that are generated from a deep, unconscious process that is not affected by external stimuli.

You can actually perform creative thinking exercises by adopting a daily discipline of deep thought such as is generated by mental relaxation techniques such as meditation. In this calm, relaxed state, you can then train your mind to reach into its infinite store of raw idea creation and generate ideas that solve problems you wish to solve.

That process and its explanation can also be found in my in-depth article on "Focusing Thought."

When you learn how to harness the power of your thoughts, you will have at your command the means to build self confidence and self esteem to greater heights than you ever thought possible. mind yourselfThese qualities along with many other personality traits can be greatly enhanced once you know how to discipline your mind to work for you, rather than have you work for it!

Mind Yourself

What you think about most often is what you are. I've heard a similar sentiment that goes, "what you think about you become," which is perfectly true except it puts things into the future when the reality is that whatever is occupying your thoughts most of the time right now is an echo of what you are right now.

I put together this cute little infographic image that shouts the message: "Mind Yourself" and goes on to qualify, "into the life you want" which is just another way of saying, "think yourself into the life you want."

It just came to me and it sounded good - a play on words - but they are often the best kinds of inspiration when crafting the kind of inspiring phrase that links itself remarkably well to an image.

What can you do to manifest the life you want? Well, all creation begins with an idea and ideas come from thoughts.

Start there.

Get yourself thinking about what you really want and the ideas will come. Your job is to grab a good idea and work with it, plan with it, expand it until it grows into a definite project that can take you forward to the next and greater phase of your life.

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