How to Think Yourself Wealthy

Find out how to think yourself wealthy in this fascinating look at the power of the mind and the ability of the wealth mindset to attract circumstances that create wealth and abundance!

It has, probably since the dawn of civilization, been the ongoing quest of mankind to seek every good thing that can be had in material terms. To that end, the concept of money was eventually created in order to facilitate the acquisition of material possessions in an orderly and simple way that all people could make use of.

The end result is in modern times is the concept of the accumulation of capital wealth. But while the opportunity and means exists for every single living person to gain a great deal of money, less than one percent of the world's population enjoys it. Why is this and what can someone do to make it possible for them?

Mental Power

how to think yourself richThe main reason why the vast majority of the population remains in poverty or just above the poverty line is because the predominant mental state is biased towards poverty, lack and limitation. In other words, people think they are poor and of course they are poor.

But you may say that in order to be poor, the environmental issues surrounding hat person must be conducive to lack and limitation. There may be no jobs, no chance of making money or no way to escape the poverty that is all around them.

While this is true so long as a person remains within the constraints of that environment, they still have a choice. That choice is something that no environmental or economic force can suppress. It is a choice that may be the ONLY thing a person can choose, but it remains a choice that they can make.

A person, no matter where they are on the planet has the universal right to choose their thoughts.

Of all the physical attributes an environment can enforce upon a person, it cannot force a person to think what it wants them to think. Every living person has the freedom to choose their own thoughts!

So if this is true, and we know that every thought is a creation and a measurable energy field, then depending upon what the person thinks about predominantly can be brought about in the material world. This happens by the Law of Attraction which is as real and as measurable as the Law of Gravity or any other physical Law you may wish to quote.

In fact, you can learn about how to teach and share your knowledge of this concept by taking Joe Vitale's Law of Attraction Certification Course which takes the subject and explores it in depth.

Like energy vibrations attract like energy vibrations. Thoughts are energy sources and they vibrate on a variety of frequencies. Therefore a thought will attract energy that is vibrating on the same frequency to it.

If a person's predominant thoughts are of lack, limitation and poverty, then that's what they will attract most of. That's because lack, limitation and poverty are also created by energy and that energy vibrates on a certain frequency. Match your thoughts to that frequency and that's what you will attract more of!

The Wealth Mindset

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It naturally follows that if your predominant thoughts are of wealth, prosperity and the abundance of all good things, those thoughts are vibrating on that frequency and will attract to them their physical counterpart.

It doesn't matter where you are in the world, if your thoughts are mostly focused on wealth and the desire of growth all of the time, then you will attract situations or circumstances that will move you to a place where you can bring that wealth to you.

There are several really good books and online courses that cover this aspect of the mind and how it can be used to turn your fortunes around quickly and relatively effortlessly.

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If you have ever read the book, "The Science of Getting Rich" by Wallace Wattles, you'd have seen that he gave examples that prove that environment has absolutely no bearing on whether a person is poor or whether they are wealthy. To paraphrase some of the most thought provoking scenarios, think on this:

If wealth or poverty were down to environment, then how is it that two people with equal opportunities, skills and qualifications can set up in business in the same part of town, yet one will succeed while the other fails?

We see this everywhere we look.

Environment Makes No Difference

A store is forced to close down because the owners were not doing enough business to make it pay, then along comes new owners who open the store in exactly the same business and make a roaring success from it. How can this be if environment were a deciding factor?

We also know that skill, education and intelligence count for little when it comes to the difference between people becoming wealthy or remaining poor. Many university lecturers are almost broke, while many market stall traders start small and develop wealth by growing their small business into a large one.

People in the same business are not immune to this phenomenon. Two engineers with identical qualifications and skills working for the same company will have equal opportunities to progress, yet one will go all the way to the top while the other will remain mediocre. Why is that?

The answer is the individual person's mindset.

A wealthy person has what is best described as a wealth mindset. They think about wealth, prosperity and abundance all the time, every day. Every waking moment their thoughts are predominantly focused on wealth, on gaining more of it and on keeping the wealth they have already gained in a positive and confident manner.

They do NOT allow thoughts of lack or limitation to enter their heads because if they did, they would soon lose their wealth.

Wall St Crash

This has happened to a number of prominently wealthy people throughout recent history. You only have to look at the way the infamous "Wall Street Crash" in the early part of the 20th Century sent thousands of very wealthy people into poverty.

Those people did not lose their money because the crash happened. The crash happened because the majority of wealthy people who maintained the stock market became fearful they would lose their wealth.

And they lost it!

Many of those very same people bounced back after the stock market stabilized and returned to healthy growth. They lost everything and became poor. Yet with no capital and no obvious way to regain their money, they regained it, many of them in a matter of months after the recovery began.

How did they do that when millions of people who never had wealth, yet were all reduced to the same level playing field, could not?

It is the wealth mindset again. Wealthy people who thought about only wealth remained wealthy.

However, they remained wealthy only as long as they continued thinking thoughts of wealth. As soon as they became fearful that the stock markets would crash and stopped thinking wealth and started thinking about the loss of their money, they lost their money and the stock markets did indeed crash.

As soon as the crisis was over, they lost their fear of losing their money (because there was no more money to lose) and returned to their original mindset which was to gain wealth. And so they regained their money. Many of them started from nothing and became amazingly wealthy again.

The Top One Percent

This happens to less than one percent of the entire population because it is this small group of people that have nurtured a wealth mindset. Everyone else is too busy thinking about, talking about and living lack and limitation.

If you want to get wealthy but don't know how you are going to do it, start by changing your mindset. Stop thinking about being poor or being in debt! This won't ever help you and it will keep you in poverty and in debt your whole life.

You have to decide what you want and start thinking about being wealthy, gaining wealth and enjoying prosperity and an abundance of good! This will start attracting things, people and circumstances to you that will provide opportunities for you to gain wealth. The rest is up to you.

We all walk past opportunity every day of our lives because we don't see it. When you start propagating a wealth mindset, such as through good life coaching programs, those opportunities will appear before you but you will have to learn to see them and embrace them. Most of the time, they are shrouded in ideas and hunches that you will get and dismiss as of no value.

But all hunches and ideas have value. You just have to start acting on those hunches and ideas because they may well harbor the very circumstance that will catapult you from the place you are now to a much better place on the financial and wealth ladder to success.

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Written by: Terry Didcott