How to Relieve Stress with Ho'oponopono

If you feel under immense pressure and want to know how to relieve stress with ho'oponopono techniques, great results can be created as you will see by reading this.

There are a number of effective ways to deal with stress and anxiety, but here is one that I believe you will enjoy practising.

ho'oponopono relieving stressThe topic of this article assumes that you already know what ho'oponopono is. However, if you don't or you're not sure, here is a short introduction.

What is Ho'oponopono?

This technique has its roots in an ancient form of Hawaiian prayer and has recently been adapted to help people to find inner peace by cleansing their minds of problems that exist in the past along with anxieties and negative emotions.

Once the mind is cleared of all its mental debris that will have been weighing it down for what is often a rather long time, that person is freed and is able to move forward in their life to achieving better things.

It often happens that people are prevented from achieving much of what they should achieve in life because of certain mental blockages getting in the way.

You'll find a fuller explanation of the technique on this website in my article about Dr Joe Vitale's ho'oponopono certification course. While you're here, you might like to read a quick overview:

Ho'oponopono Overview

It is quite common for a person to experience what could be described as grave mistakes in their past that are not reconciled fully in their minds.

What happens is the negative emotions associated with those experiences are buried deep in their subconscious memory. As they have no way of releasing those emotions, they become manifest in behavioural problems that are not easily explained away as being ″normal.″

These problems often include:

  • Irrational fears (phobias)
  • Anxiety
  • Sensitivity to stressful situations outside the normal run of things
  • Suffering unusually frequent bouts of ill health
  • Experiencing sudden and powerful outbursts of emotional energy

These buried emotions also create disadvantageous mental obstacles or blockages to some of the things that we want to do. This is particularly noticeable when those things are designed to lead to personal growth.

Mentally Cleanse and Release

An effective method for allowing the release of these emotionally charged memories that are deeply buried is the mental cleansing process of ho'oponopono. This can come about through the action of a professional, certified practitioner or it can be self administered personally.

Relief from the cause of the problem can be achieved by learning and thereafter repeating the four step mantra often:

  • I am sorry
  • Please forgive me
  • I love you
  • Thank you

Repeating this simple mantra has the effect of expressing the desire to be free from a problem, whether it originates in the past or is from the present.

Releasing Stress

The amazing thing about the mental cleansing process that is ho'oponopono is that it also has a profound effect on how you deal with stressful situations.

Prior to the removal of mental blockages, stressful situations would most probably have affected you quite seriously. Your sympathetic nervous system would be thrown into high alert and the subsequent instantaneous release of the hormones cortisol and adrenalin would have sent your body into flight or flight mode.

Stress and Health

The high levels of these hormones not only prepare your body for either aggressive reaction to a situation or heightened flight response to evade the situation one way or another, but they have a more serious knock-on effect to your health.

If this is something you are concerned about, especially if your aim is to manifest good health while mastering the Law of Attraction to improve your live overall, you need to first master stress.

Knowing how to control and overcome stress is by far more conducive to a better life than having stress control you!

Since, in a fight or flight situation your body does not need to allocate energy to systems such as digestion, repair and immune response, these systems are literally shut down for the duration of the stressful event.

What About Chronic Stress?

If the event is only short-lived, the aftermath is to return to normal bodily operation and things carry on as usual. But in chronic stress situations, the stress hormones remain elevated for long periods of time, leaving your body vulnerable to contracting illness through infection.

It is chronic stress that must be addressed, and using the technique of ho'oponopono does this very well. The body is caused to relax and the fight or flight response is effectively cancelled, leaving you free to relax and allow your body to return to looking after itself.

This freeing up of important life energy that would otherwise be wasted on dealing with stress head on has other benefits. Most notable of those is allowing you to experience emotional attraction to the positive side of life rather than dwelling on the negative.

How is Ho'oponopono Related to Meditating?

You may be wondering if this technique has any relationship with meditation.

In some respects, there is a relationship where the mantra is used as an induction method to greatly relax the mind, replacing all outside noise and interference with only the short affirmations as above.

Perhaps you would like to know a little more about meditation to compare the two techniques.

What is Meditation?

For most people on this planet, most especially those living in crowded cities or urban sprawls, the external noise and constant bombardment from media, machines and technology create a constant interference that can become overwhelming to the mental state.

A really powerful mental technique that we possess to counter this interference is the ability to literally shut down all conscious mental activity. When done correctly, this leaves only inner quiet in its place.

Creating Mental Freedom

The meditative state is effectively a period of complete freedom from both external noise and inner thought activity that occurs in our minds during our waking hours.

If you need to get a better understanding of how meditation works and how you can incorporate it into your life to better deal with stress, external noise and life in general, please read the additional article in the link above on this website for more information.


The obvious conclusion to gain from the understanding of how this process can help a person deal with stress is that it works in ways that are not immediately obvious to us if we have never explored the options that are out there.

Using the technique of ho'oponopono to deal with stress is effective and can be lifelong lasting through the way in which it eliminates the mental obstacles that get in our way when we're trying to improve our lives in one way or another.

Date Posted: 14th July, 2021


Written by: Terry Didcott