Intention: Stating What You Really Want to Attract

One of the early steps in the process of attraction is stating your intention as to what it is that you intend to attract into your life with precision and animation.

Your intention could be whatever you decide it is that you want.

Perhaps you intend attracting a lot of money, that perfect partner, a certain item such as a new car or a comfortable new home, or simply happiness.

Whatever it is that you want, you must be very exact in stating its identity and very emotionally involved with its manifestation for you to receive it.

What Do You Want?

Many people trying the Law of Attraction to see if it works will fail to get what they want because they don't get right behind their desire with everything necessary to make it happen.

intentionThe first step in that process is deciding exactly what it is that you want and then moving forward from there.

For example, "I want a lot of money" is not an exact message to send out to the universe, so it is highly unlikely you will see any of it. A lot of money means different things to different people.

Another, albeit extreme example might be, "I want a handsome man / beautiful woman to come into my life." This might result in a handsome/beautiful psychopath turning up at your door!

In short, by being inexact in what you ask for can result in you getting nothing at all. Or worse, in you getting what fits one aspect of your request but comes with a lot of unwanted baggage into the bargain.

In a worst case scenario, you may end up getting what you don't want!

Precise Definition of Desire

One of the best ways to create a precise statement of intent is to first give it a lot of thought and then actually write it down on a piece of paper.

By writing an intention down with your hand, the old fashioned way, you also imbue the written words with your own spiritual power. Typing it into your phone or onto a laptop and printing it doesn't have the same organic effect, by the way!

When you write a statement of intent onto paper, you can place it where you will see it often. This has the effect of reinforcing your commitment by visual repetition in seeing that statement many times throughout the day.

Getting Precise

In Napeleon Hill's book, "Think and Grow Rich," one of his most important tasks set for the reader is to write down a concise statement of what they want in monetary terms and when they expect to have received it by.

write down your intentionAn example I personally used successfully several years ago is this:

"I expect to receive $10,000 by the 31st of August 2016."

How did I attract that amount of money?

It might help to give a short explanation of what it is that I do to create my income from the Internet.

How I Make Money

I build websites like this one on a certain theme and write content for each site to build a useful information or knowledge base. I choose a topic that interests me, because it is far easier to write about something I'm interested in.

I research the facts that go into making that content so that I provide good value for a visitor to the website.

I also include, in a small percentage of that content, advertisements for products or services that are closely related to the content. The advertisers pay a commission on any sales that are generated via the ads.

In the case of this website, one of the products I promote is Dr. Joe Vitale's highly successful "Law of Attraction Certification course" which you can read about by clicking that link. Incidentally, the price of the product is the same whether a customer buys via my ad or goes direct to the vendor's website.

Anyway, back to the topic of this article.

I Do What I Enjoy

Thus I get paid for doing what I enjoy doing. I believe that's one definition of a really desirable job, except in my case, I work for myself and not an employer.

In 2015 I discovered a product line that had a lot of buyers in need of the product. So I set about creating a website to promote the products, then promoted the website itself to attract visitors that would read the site's content and see the advertisements.

Since a good proportion of those visitors to my website were already looking for information on those products because they intended to buy one, they happily clicked the ads that redirected them to the advertiser's website where they made their purchase.

A website takes time to grow its readership. Little by little, my sales grew with the website's visitor numbers, from an initial few dollars.

By the summer of 2016, I achieved sufficient sales to hit my $10,000 commission target in a single month. The vendor sent me the check at the end of August. I had successfully used the Law of Attraction to attract that check!

Taking Action

However, I should point out that instead of merely writing that intention and then sitting back waiting for the check to arrive, I also put in the ground work needed to make it happen.

The Law of Attraction works only if you take a further step in taking action to bring about a series of events that will culminate in the miraculous manifestation of the item desired.

For me, that action took the form of me finding a profitable product line, researching the product and why buyers would want it, what it would do for the buyers and how it solves a problem they might have and then presenting my findings in a website. Then promoting that website to get visitors to come take a look!

This is how I figured out how to manifest money early on. The amazing thing is that it keeps working for me all the time.

Another aspect of writing down a precise statement of intent is in how seeing it constantly (I set mine next to my laptop), creates an unconscious drive to make it happen. In fact, it is actually quite difficult to see a definite intent written down before you and not feel that desire to make it a reality.

This is one of the secrets to making the Law of Attraction work for you.


The message from this article is that if you are serious about attracting something into your life, you first need to get straight with what it is that you really want.

You do that by stating your intention as precisely as you can and writing it down, placing the piece of paper where you will see it often and then placing your attention on it.

Some may believe that by doing this only serves to provide motivation to do what is necessary to make the object of your desire become a reality. While partly true, it also serves as a precise message that you send out to the universe that this is what you really want.

This could be viewed as a lesson in investing in yourself. The intensity of your desire coupled with the eagerness infused in the action that you subsequently take all serves to create a powerful force that has a much higher probability of succeeding than without it.

Date Posted: 25th February, 2022


Written by: Terry Didcott