Dr Joe Vitale Ho'oponopono Certification Course Review

Latest mental improvement secret revealed: Dr Joe Vitale releases Ho'oponopono certification course. You can read this review to find out all about it for yourself!

If you have been searching for a really effective way to:

  • Boost your mental skills
  • Improve your memory recall
  • Improve concentration
  • Expand analytical mental function
  • Teach yourself powerful relaxation techniques
  • Change your life for the better in every way

all in an easy-to-follow certification course, Ho'oponopono is for you.

Dr Joe Vitale has teamed up with musician and practitioner Mathew Dixon, who studied under the tutorship of master Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len, to bring you a fully equipped, thorough and fascinating study course. This is an online study course that you can gain certification from as an end result.

What is Ho'oponopono?

The modern form is adapted from an ancient Hawaiian problem-solving procedure that enables practitioners and subjects that work with therapeutic or holistic wellness providers to release and let go of, both emotionally and mentally, conscious and subconscious memory.

By utilizing a cleaning process known as "zero limits" that was initially developed by Hawaiian Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len, a practitioner can become enabled to move past their perceived reality to the point of nothingness, or "zero."

While undergoing this process, a practitioner becomes able to connect with and experience an inspiring and euphoric awakening. They connect to "infinite intelligence," that divine entity in order that they may receive inspiration while at the same time clearing away any limiting beliefs they may harbor.

The process makes use of a four phrase mantra, that is combined with a powerful shift in mindset. This is what you will learn in this certification course along with how to purge the data cluttering up the memory. It will make it possible retake one hundred percent responsibility for everything in our lives, whether good, bad or indifferent.

Ho'oponopono Certification

Compiled and created by world-renowned author and law of attraction practitioner:

Dr. Joe Vitale, Author of the book: "Zero Limits"
pictured below:

dr joe vitaleGuided through step-by-step lessons, you will learn that modern Ho'oponopono evolves this ancient Hawaiian healing practice yet one-step further. It does this by unlocking the ability to cleanse and heal yourself and others.

This is done by a simple, cleaning away process of your memories. It dissipates the mind's data, allowing multi-dimensional light to come into both the conscious and subconscious parts of the mind.

During the course video material, Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len and Dr. Joe Vitale show you how the latest Ho'oponopono healing process can truly be embraced via in-person and remote practice with patients. You will also be able to discover for yourself real-world evidence supporting the remote healing power and supreme properties of this incredible technique.

The course is set out in a series of eight step-by-step video training module lessons including six hours and forty minutes of video tutoring and a pdf guidebook. It comprises guided application lessons that are easy to follow, plus a collection of real life examples of using the process in your own life as well as with others so you can see how it works and learn to harness that power for yourself.

You will learn how to remove all limiting beliefs from yourself and from others you elect to help. All this is possible after gaining your own certificate that designates you as a fully qualified Ho'oponopono practitioner, which you will gain after completing and passing the certification exam at the end of the course.

Note: This course can only be obtained from the official website of the Global Sciences Foundation accessed by clicking the promotional image links above right or below. This course is not available elsewhere.

How Does Ho'oponopono Work?

It works by essentially eliminating all limiting beliefs, freeing you to move forward in your own life unhindered by past shackles and take it to others to help them to do the same. With a new mental clarity you will discover ideas and plans to vastly improve all areas of your life.

These are powerful resources that had previously been hidden from you, because of limiting beliefs and hindering, restrictive paradigms. Yet these advantageous insights have always been there inside of you without you knowing!

You'll be surprised and amazed at how rapidly and effectively you will be able to move forward with your life and attain all the goals you always wished you could achieve made into your new reality. This course is for you if you are determined to enjoy a better life with all of the things you dreamed you could have.

Why You Should NOT Get this Course

However, the course is not for those who merely want a quick fix for the troubles they have but are unwilling to put in the time or effort to study, learn and improve through their own efforts.

Tire-kickers and window shoppers should turn away right now and NOT get this course.

That's because it will not help anyone who is only mildly curious to idly skim through it then put it down never to take action upon the teachings it contains. Without the inner burning desire to make your life better and the will power to take action to learn and then apply what you have learned, you will gain nothing from this course.

But that doesn't mean you can't get out of your comfort zone, focus yourself, do something you never before believed you could do and actually radically change your life. That is if you really wanted to.

The course is available online now for those eager to learn and you can click the link above to get more details.

Why You Should Do this Course

Are you feeling like you're stuck in life? Are you trying really hard to progress, but feel like you're going nowhere seemingly through no fault of your own?

You should definitely take a look at this course and consider buying it and doing it.

Often, when something seems to be holding us back but we can't figure out what it is, there can be a blockage in our psyche that needs to be cleansed and removed. By learning how to bring this about through ho'oponopono, you can clear your path and continue toward the goal you are aiming for.

This is a process that really needs to be worked through at the deepest mental and emotional level. This can be achieved by getting the right kind of instruction from the get-go, which is something this course will provide you with.

You should get and do this course because it is an amazing self development tool that you can use to free your mind from blockages and limitations. You will be able to use the knowledge you'll acquire to fulfil your dreams and ambitions.

Overview of the Course

The first thing that you will notice is that the course is set out in very easy to follow steps, as as is typical of this kind of Joe Vitale online course set up. The package that you will be downloading comprises eight separate instruction videos with an accompanying guidebook for you to read.

Below is an overview of what each video contains:

  • Video 1: Introduction to ho'oponopono: what it is and how it can help you
  • Video 2: Establishes the concept of "zero and the void" and the understanding of life
  • Video 3: Gives an explanation of the mechanics of cleaning tools and how to use them
  • Video 4: Illustrates how to connect, mentally and spiritually to the Divine
  • Video 5: Describes practical use of the cleaning tools
  • Video 6: Provides hands-on perspectives from existing practitioners
  • Video 7: Shows how you can attract the right people that may be in need of your help
  • Video 8: Explains "perfect creation," and goes on to outline your responsibilities as a practitioner

The total duration of video instruction is six hours, forty minutes. There are eight chapters contained in the guidebook, each providing detailed background information. It carefully explains how to proceed through the course and how to complete it by taking the final certification examination.

How long you spend on studying the course really depends on you taking it at your own pace. It is possible to complete the whole course in as little as one week if you really go at it.

However, the authors recommend that you take your time. Go at an easier pace and spend that much longer going through the program.

That way you will give yourself a better chance to fully absorb and understand all the information that in there. That way you will increase your own understanding of the course material fully before taking the examination.

Having completed the purchased of the course, all of the training material can be downloaded from a special link provided for you. You are free to register any time after receipt of your downloaded material.

Finally, you can get started as soon as you are ready to dive in!

The author is an affiliate of Joe Vitale's Ho'oponopono coaching program featured here and receives commission from sales originating from direct links to the program placed on this page.

Written by: Terry Didcott