What is the Law of Attraction?

Many people have learned about the law of attraction since the release of Ronda Byrne's book and the subsequent movie "The Secret". So why isn't everyone becoming millionaires and driving sports cars? vibration

The short answer is that while plenty of people read the book and watched the movie, most of them didn't really put the information into practice in a way that would bring them a better way of life.

This is relatively normal human behaviour, as people prefer to do easy things and to be honest, working with this law can be time consuming and involve a lot of mental effort.

Mental Effort?

If there's one thing that most people shy away from more than physical effort, it's mental effort! Thinking is a process that takes some effort and discipline (hence the need for a website such as this) and that is something most people are not prepared to invest, even if it can transform their lives for the better.

The effort comes in using the mind's own creative power to channel thought toward a person's desire and then persisting with regular and long term focus of those thoughts. Most people don't really use their mental faculties to the best of their abilities, preferring the outside world to dictate what they think about most of the time.

That means information coming from what's going on around and from media such as the television, radio and reading material like newspapers, magazines and books dictate what occupies the predominant space in a person's thoughts. Very little time is given over to constructive, creative thought driven by a person's own internal voice that is not merely the repeating of or having an internal conversation about external influences.

Setting Up a Vibration

mental effortThe Law of Attraction is actually a secondary law to the Law of Vibration. This is where thought waves, which are measurable and therefore very real (in scientific terms) vibrate at certain frequencies depending on their content and which emotions are driving them.

We know that in the world of quantum physics, everything that exists is made up of energy. It used to be believed that there were only two elements that made up our universe; matter and energy.

It is now accepted that matter itself is made up of a mass of vibrating energy. We know this as atoms, but it goes much deeper than this, into atomic structure and the way in which the particles that make up that structure emit energy.

Thought waves are a form of energy and those vibrating waves of energy attract other forms of energy vibrating on the same frequency. In real terms, this means if you're thinking about debt and the lack of money, you are emitting thought vibrations on that frequency which attracts anything related to that thought pattern that is also emitting the same frequency.

In short, if you're thinking about debt, you're going to be attracting debt!

Emitting the Right Frequency

The trick to using these laws is to ensure that your thought vibrations are emitting on the frequencies of what you really want. Bear in mind that thinking of the negation of a thing is no different to thinking of the thing itself, so thinking about getting out of debt is the same as thinking debt, which you will attract more of.

As Bob Proctor famously says, "I don't care if it's get out or get in, if you're thinking debt, you're attracting debt!"

To truly stop attracting what you don't want (debt, in this example) you have to stop thinking about it altogether so you don't emit thought vibrations on that frequency. "But how can I do that?" you may well ask. It's natural to think about ways of getting out of debt if that's what you're aiming for.

In fact, this is the wrong way to go about it. You need to think about its polar opposite, "prosperity" and hold the thought in your mind. That's where the effort comes in. People find it much more difficult to maintain thoughts of a positive desire than to allow a negative situation that is their reality to rule their thoughts.

Take Action

take actionThinking about prosperity emits the vibration of prosperity which will attract other forms of energy that are also emitting the same frequency. That doesn't mean simply thinking a thing will bring it into existence, although in essence this is what happens.

What it does mean is that by attracting what you think about, you attract people, situations and circumstances into your life that are conducive to helping you to realize the good that you desire, in this example, prosperity. It also allows thoughts and ideas to come into your mind that are also conducive to providing you with options and solutions to your current problem that you will need to take action with to bring about those solutions.

So in other words, most people went wrong in trying to use the law of attraction and subsequently disregarded its potency with an "it doesn't work" attitude, because they expected to be able to think things into existence. In reality, to make this law work for you, it is necessary for you to attract the ideas, circumstances and even people into your life and then to make use of them to achieve your desired good.


Often the law works strangely. It can provide you with "hunches" about doing this or that that might improve your life in some way. But you have to listen to those hunches and act upon them to make things happen in your reality.

Most people are hard wired through education and opinion to ignore hunches because they are not real. The truth is that hunches are as real as any other idea or creative instinct and they can lead a person to great things. Many great inventors and pioneers have acted on hunches that would have seemed almost ludicrous to most people, to result in amazing inventions and great achievements that most people would never have realized.

This is why you should be aware of your hunches and to act on them if they are the result of long periods of positive mental action in desiring a particular good to manifest in your life, even when they seem a little crazy at times. If the Wright Brothers had listened to their peers, they would never have gotten off the ground!

Think about that for a moment and you'll see that blinkered thinking will get you nowhere. It is only expansive, creative and idealistic thinking that produces amazing things and you simply have to work at thinking in this way. Then the law of attraction will start to work its magic for you, whether you know it or not.

The Law of Attraction Money Magnet

Now let's get into the real world and take a look at what is probably on your mind along with most everyone else that is thinking about this exceptionally attractive edict. You doubtless want to know how you can utilise the law of attraction to bring more money into your life.

money magnetThe principle is actually very simple, but the application of that principle is where most people lack the determination and perseverance to make it work for them. The simple answer is that you need to focus on yourself being in possession of all of the money that you want to have and hold that thought so that it feels like its real.

Is It Really Too Easy?

That sounds almost too easy, but of course the common thinking is that if it really was so easy, everybody would be doing it. Yet so few actually achieve it that most people simply don't believe it can be done.

What commonly happens is that a person will read about this concept, think it sounds really easy and they get started with gusto, enthusiasm and high hopes. But the enthusiasm soon wanes as results do not manifest quickly and before long they have given up on the idea because "this stuff doesn't work!"

If that person had only known that perseverance mixed with a burning desire to have that money backed by a definite plan on what they intend to do to get it would have produce the results they aimed for, they might not have given up so easily. Yet there is the nub of the problem for most people.

It is Easier to Just Give Up

When faced with what appears to be an insurmountable difficulty that gets in the way of success and leads to what feels like failure, the majority of people will give up. They believe that there is no point "flogging a dead horse."

Yet most people that did succeed through persevering with their plan found that success came one step after they had apparently failed! To have given up would have meant missing out on that success!

So what about creating the money magnet in you? Much has been written on this subject but the best explanation I have ever read comes from "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill. In it he describes the six steps to attaining wealth.

Those steps can be summarised as:

  • Decide on the exact amount of money you want to have.
  • Decide what you will give for the money.
  • Decide the exact date you intend to have it
  • Create a definite plan for its attainment.
  • Write it all down on a piece of card.
  • Read the card as often as you can.

As you read the card, imagine yourself having already received the money and living the life that you will be enjoying with the money.

Believing is Having Faith

The trick to making this work for you is to start with a desire for the wealth that is so strong that it takes over your thinking in an almost obsessive way. You literally need to whip yourself up into a state of white heat and have absolute faith in what you must believe is the fact that you will have the money when you decide you will have it.

While you are priming your mind with what can best be described as auto-suggestion to instil in your mind the total belief that you can and will receive that money, you will be actively pursuing your plan of action to bring that money into your reality. It is only by the combination of mental attraction and active pursuit of your goal that you will achieve it.

This is how the money magnet concept works. Because by convincing yourself that you have absolute faith that you will attain the wealth you have a burning desire for, you will attract circumstances that will create that wealth.

Whether you believe it or you don't, this law is always working in your life and you need to understand that. Whether you consciously decide to make it work for you or just allow life to take over and work you instead, the choice is ultimately yours. Make it the right one and you can have just about anything you can imagine yourself having.

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Written by: Terry Didcott