Mental imagery and visualization is an incredibly powerful aspect of our thought process and it is one that can be harnessed to create great improvements in our lives. The best part of this is that it is also one of the easiest techniques to learn and put into practice.

visualizationIt's easy because creating images or pictures in our minds is something we do all the time. This article takes a look at these simple mental imagery techniques and how they can be used to create positive changes in our lives.

How Do You Think?

Everyone can think in pictures, even if it's not the predominant modality of thought. That's because some tend to take their predominant mental input instead from sound, while still others from emotive or feeling senses.

This can be explained in the way people express themselves. Take a look at these examples:

  • I see what you're getting at (visual)
  • I hear what you're saying (auditory)
  • I feel it's the right choice (kinaesthetic)

In the main however, it is the visual part of mental activity that can be most easily put to work for our benefit when we need to focus our thoughts. We're used to getting a large proportion of our sensory input from sight, which is our primary physical sense.

So it naturally follows that we all know how to create an image of an object, place or person that we know in our minds.

The Power of Imagery

imageryBut just bringing up a known image in our minds is not enough to cause any changes to occur in our lives, as these are things that we already accept in their respective places. To create change, we need to generate an image of a thing that we want to create for ourselves.

For example, if we want to become slimmer and improve our physical body, one of the best ways of achieving this is to visualize ourselves in the exact image of how we want to appear; slimmer and fitter looking. The outmoded idea of placing a picture of a fat person on the refrigerator door to stop us eating excess food has little effect on us.

But placing an image of a slimmer, fitter person, which is how we want to look on the refrigerator door, will have a more profound effect on our subconscious. It has the effect of causing the subconscious to endeavour to create the likeness in our physical body.

By reinforcing the image in our minds and then injecting that image with a real, feeling experience, such as feeling ourselves walking around in that slimmer body and feeling how great it feels to wear well fitting clothing that's comfortable and makes us feel amazing, we can bring about a positive change much more swiftly.

Amazing Diversity of Options

This technique can be manufactured to suit any desired result. Our ability to create any kind of customized image in our minds is limited only by what we can imagine. So to all intents and purposes, this concept is limitless.

As long as it is the result that is imagined and visualized, then that is what gets lodged in the subconscious. When such a powerful image backed by strong emotive force is repeated often, the subconscious accepts it as real and works to bring about the change.

Thinking Prosperity

prosperitySo if you want to be prosperous and enjoy a better standard of living, the way to get started is to imagine yourself in prosperous surroundings. Visualize living in a big house in an exclusive neighborhood, driving an expensive car, wearing expensive clothes and enjoying all the trappings of a prosperous lifestyle.

The technique only requires you to image the end result and not try to figure out how you'll get to it. By switching your mental efforts to trying to work out how you're going to get out of your current place to the place you want to be, you disconnect from the creative process and fall back into the logical. This short circuits your power.

Action is Required

But simply mentally imaging your way to prosperity and then sitting back in an easy chair and waiting for it to drop into your lap is not the way to make it happen. You will need to take action, because humans haven't yet figured out how to turn a mental image into a physical outcome in a blinking of an eye!

What the technique of mental visual imaging will do for you is impress the desired result on the subconscious part of your mind. When the impression is strong enough, the subconscious will put you in touch with the energy of the universe that is resonating on the same frequency of the desire you're putting out.

When that happens, ideas start to form in your mind that will lead you to making the right plans and formulating strategies that the implementation of which will lead you to your desired result. The stronger and more definite your mental desires and the more forcefully and persistently you impress them on your subconscious, the more intelligible will be your answer in the form of definite plans for your success.

Use your best mental efforts to manifest in your mind the result you want to achieve. You can use any one or more of a variety of techniques from meditation to a form of Hawaiian prayer called ho'oponopono to quieten and cleanse your mind of all negativity. Then focus on the outcome you want.

Never Give Up

never give upLastly, once you do get an idea that fills you with a sense of rightness, a feeling that this could be the right thing to do, then put into action right away. Don't hesitate or wait for more instructions, because they will likely not come.

Take action and follow your plan through to its completion.

It is possible and most probable that you will encounter obstacles along your way and some of them may seem insurmountable. You may even encounter failure along the way. But whatever happens, you must be persistent and never give up on your plan.

Too many people get a great idea but never follow it though to its successful completion because they gave up at the first sign of defeat. Only the select few ever achieved their rightful level of success and greatness because they didn't give up. They saw defeat as nothing more than a temporary setback and simply redoubled their efforts and continued forward to their goal.

When an idea or a plan is given to you in mind because of a sincere desire to attain a certain goal, that idea or plan must be followed if you want to enjoy the success it can bring you. This is so because that idea or plan was created out of your own mental connection with a power far beyond anything we presently can comprehend.

And if it were so important that it was passed on to you by this power, then the least you can do is give it everything you've got and some to make it happen. Because when it does, you will know you did the right thing.


Written by: Terry Didcott