Attracting Happiness: Why it is the Top Priority in Life

Of all the life goals or states of being a person could imagine and attempt to achieve, surely attracting happiness is the top priority we can aspire to in life.

Why is it the most important thing we can do for ourselves and for those around us?

attracting happinessThe pursuit of happiness is, after all, the reason we do anything in life, including the invocation or the practice of the Law of Attraction to manifest desires through planning and action.

The main reason is that we want to be happy and that's why we do things. No matter how hard a thing may be to do, when its achievement results in us being happy, it's worth whatever sacrifice we make to get it.

Is Happiness More Important than Wealth or Power?

For many people caught up in the so-called modern way of life and its questionable values, the pursuit of wealth or power may seem like the be all and end all of everything in life and that nothing could be more important.

However, if either of those things do not also bring with them true happiness, what is their actual value to us as human beings?

Of course, there is the old adage that being rich makes being miserable more agreeable than being poor.

Maybe holding great power, whether politically or in business can feel like it puts you on the top of the world. But wielding such power ultimately leads to corruption, simply because we humans have largely not evolved far enough spiritually to use such power only for good.

Competition vs Cooperation

When we consider the Darwinian theory of evolution and how it has been believed for hundreds of years that in nature, it is the survival of the fittest (or strongest) that matters every time that governs how we live today.

However, this theory (and it has always only ever been a ″theory″) has been disproven on a number of levels.

It is now believed that nature does not work along the lines of competition, but instead thrives on cooperation of species to grow and flourish.

If we try to take that understanding and apply it to modern, capitalistic economy, we find that the structure, once believed to be robust, shows its flaws and eventually falls down.

In fact, going back and reading the 1910 published book, ″The Science of Getting Rich″ by Wallace Wattles reveals that back then, he believed completely that it was in cooperation that a person could become rich and that the competition model was self-defeating.

When we are in competition with another person for a slice of a commercial pie, the battle for supremacy is not won or lost easily. An enormous amount of chronic stress goes along with that model and we know now that stress is the biggest killer, being the underlying cause of most modern-day debilitating illnesses and a factor that accelerates the ageing process.

Add to that the fact that when two or more people are actively battling it out for money, rank or power, nobody could say they were happy doing it.

Happy to Cooperate

On the flip side, when two or more people join forces to create a business out of nothing that they can see growing in success day after day, there is a great deal of satisfaction which makes everyone happy!

By cooperating to create a better way of doing something for everybody's benefit, happiness is generally a nice side-effect of the process. This is true of how the Law of Attraction works in our lives by bringing people and circumstances together in harmony to achieve a desired end.

The same is active in nature as we can clearly see all around us.

Aspects of the natural world must work together to succeed:

  • Nature works with weather patterns to provide rain and breathable air
  • The soil needs water and natural fertilizer from dying and decaying plants to become fertile
  • A seed needs to find fertile soil and moisture to grow into a new plant
  • A plant needs insects to pollinate its flowers to create new seeds
  • Insects need the pollen in flowers to live, grow and reproduce

And so the circle of life continues on its way in cooperation to succeed and flourish.

Emotional Growth

I also want to include emotional health into this equation and how important it is to our physical health as well as to our well being.

When we are in a good emotional state, we are generally happy and contented with our lives and the things we do seem to be easier and more enjoyable to carry out. When we're in this happy state, it's no surprise that we are usually more productive and creative in cultivating our desires and achieving our targets.

Any good business manager knows that their company's greatest asset is their staff. Keep the staff happy and the business thrives and everyone profits.

This is not just common sense and completely logical, it is commonly known fact!

However, there are business managers out there who are not aware of this mode of working and prefer to use a competitive model with a heavy hand to keep their staff busy. This often leads to staff being less productive and to take more sick days just to have a break from an overbearing boss.

Staff morale usually drops, people suffer from excessive stress and their health diminishes as a result. Fortunately, there are a number of disciplines that can be turned to for help, such as yoga, meditation or even ho'oponopono for inner healing.

It is usually a case of a company having grown too large and the power going to the boss's head. They misuse that power for their own gain, ignoring the needs of anyone else.

This is a business doomed to failure before too long!

Summing Up

There are some well-known Internet businesses that have reached this unwieldy size already where their bosses have become so rich they believe they are unstoppable. Nature, if not interfered with too much by us foolhardy humans, will have something to say about that in time.

The bottom line is the emotional state most conducive to personal growth to exist in is one of happiness. A happy person has the world in their hands. Always remember that!

Date Posted: 26th July, 2021


Written by: Terry Didcott