How to Manifest Good Health: The Mind's Amazing Abilities

It is natural to want to know how to manifest good health using the mind's amazing power and to enjoy all the benefits that come with living in a healthy and pain-free body, when you come to realize that the mind is a major player in our physical as well as mental health.

Enjoying good health is something we should all experience. For a growing number of us, that is already the case as we often unconsciously do the right things to elevate our health.

However, for many more people, failing or poor health dominates their lives and seriously reduces their quality of life. Disease, infection, age-related deterioration and general wear and tear make up a lot of that problem.

Is it possible to actually manifest good health through certain mental techniques? If so, then how?

Creating a Healthy Life

A person's overall level of health can be influenced a great deal by what's going on inside their minds. how to manifest good healthYou can usually tell when a person is healthy as their character is upbeat and happy, they smile and laugh a lot and seem to be in an almost perpetual state of bliss.

That doesn't often happen by accident, unless the person is one of the very lucky few that live a very simple, happy-go-lucky, problem-free life. At least it may appear so on the exterior.

Even those apparently happy-go-lucky people didn't get that way without first choosing to be that way. Being able to turn your back on stressful situations and negative people is a choice.

You may read that and think, "How can that be possible when I have a family to support, a mortgage to pay, bills to pay and I'm only qualified to do the job I do and make the income I make?"

That scenario fits the vast majority of people living in Western society, unfortunately. And when viewed head-on, it certainly looks like they're all trapped in a life they could not escape from if they wanted to.

Yet it is exactly that lifestyle with its associated sky-high stress levels that is in part responsible for a lot of illnesses that plague so many people!

However, there are some things that can be done even in that trapped scenario to promote better health and a happier life.

Diet Madness

When the life situation can't be changed, one thing that can be changed is the diet you're consuming. Whatever you put into your body will in turn produce the physical aspect of that body.

If you feed it with processed, store-bought foods with all their additives and unnatural ingredients, you are literally inviting illness into your body. That body is a finely tuned organic machine that is designed to run optimally when it is given the right fuel to run it.

That fuel consists of all the goodness that nature provides for us. It's all around us and there for the taking, yet so few of us step out of our comfort zones to go and take it.

It's far too easy and convenient to buy all our food at the supermarket for the week, all in one go. Of course there are perceived benefits to shopping in this way.

It's fast, inexpensive, convenient and made easy for you. You can drive your car onto the adjacent car park, grab a conveniently placed basket on wheels to fill up with products as you wheel it up and down the aisles in the store. Then after checking out and paying, you can simply wheel it out to your car to unload it all.

Toxic Convenience

All those products are conveniently packaged and sanitary. They're easy to prepare into a meal for the family and in many cases don't even need to be cooked in the traditional way, just microwaved!

toxic food productsDoes that sound familiar to you? Does that sound like a healthy way to eat?

Sure it does when most of those brightly designed packages have "healthy" written on them somewhere.

Or they're designed with a nice image of a healthy, happy looking family enjoying a sunny day in nature, all smiling at each other, or some such scenario.

Don't be deceived!

There are very few products that come packaged or in cans or jars that are even remotely healthy to eat. Generally, those products are laced with additives, preservatives, flavourings, sweeteners and who knows what else!

Then you pop an item in the microwave to heat it up.

Do you have any idea what that microwave oven is doing to that food? I can tell you it is not heating it up in the same way that cooking something on a stove in a pot heats things up.

A microwave blasts the food with microwaves, which are tuned to a frequency that excites the molecules of the food and causes them to increase in heat due to friction, effectively heating the item from the inside out. While that is happening, those molecules are also being affected as electrons are knocked around and the molecular adhesion is disrupted.

What comes out is a toxic mess that bears little resemblance to food that will nourish the body or provide it with health-giving nutrients. And you eat it and think it tastes OK!

Nature Knows Best

You could carry on consuming all that toxic junk and wonder why your body is deteriorating little by little as illnesses invade it and the aging process speeds up. Or you could wake up to what you've been doing to yourself and turn to nature for your salvation!

Really. Nature provides all the nourishment our bodies need. But to get the most benefit from the food nature provides, we must eat it in (or as close to as possible) its natural state.

That means not buying any packaged "products" that try to imitate food. Instead, it means getting down to the organic store or farmer's market to buy fresh produce that has recently been harvested, preferably that day.

It means making a conscious choice to turn your back on convenience and start preparing your meals from these fresh ingredients, preferably making the change to a mostly plant-based diet. It means seeking out organic fruit and vegetables to avoid the cocktail of chemicals the agriculture industry tends to soak our vegetation with in its war on insects, weeds and fungus.

It's even better if you can grow your own crops in your back yard or on an allotment. That way you can choose to use zero chemical on your food.

It means returning to the way our grandparents used to get their food. It means picking off the odd insect, snail or caterpillar and washing the vegetables, peeling where necessary and cooking them on a stove (or eating what you can raw, which is even healthier).

This way, you do more than just eat the whole food in its natural state. You also ingest the life force of the plant, which the Hindus call "prana" or the Chinese "qi (pronounced chi). The human body responds readily and favourably to natural foods and their life force which is passed on to the body.

This is healthfulness in its most natural state.

The Decision to Stop Eating Meat

Part of this process also includes eliminating meat from the diet. I know that can be a very tough thing to do, especially when you've lived your whole life eating meat and believing it is normal and right to do so.

healthy eating meat freeThere are various expert opinions from the health industry that oppose and contradict each other on this issue, which makes it very difficult to know just what to believe. However, here are just a few obvious points that can help you make your decision:

Most meat you buy in the store comes from farms where the animals are kept in close, confined spaces inside huge buildings. The image of cows and sheep grazing in the open pasture is a thing of the past.

Only a very few organic farms can claim to treat their livestock in this way because it is very expensive to do so and farms have to compete on price with massive supermarket buying power that drives down prices and forces farmers to make every square inch of their land count.

That means squeezing the livestock into tiny pens, doing away with the need to herd them every day. There, they are fed "feed" which is unnatural and in many cases contains animal protein.

Cows and sheep are herbivores. Their bodies are not designed to digest animal products. They are designed to process large quantities of grass and pasture vegetation. They are not fed this. As a result, they get sick.

Sick animals are pumped full of antibiotics to keep them well enough to grow to maturity as fast as possible and make it to the slaughterhouse.

When you ingest meat from these animals, there are still trace amounts of those antibiotics still present in the tissues. The amount may be miniscule and often cleared by the agricultural industry's health inspectors.

But you should know that even one tiny antibiotic molecule will rapidly multiply inside the human gut where all the nutrients it needs to do so exist. Do you know what antibiotics do to the beneficial bacteria living in your gut?

They wipe them out. This allows the unfriendly bacteria, which are normally kept in check by the level of friendly bacteria, to multiply and grow out of control.

You should also know that it is becoming widely accepted by doctors that human health begins in the gut!

A healthy gut bacterial soup exists to ensure the food you eat is properly digested and eliminated. An unhealthy gut cannot do that job effectively and so some food is not fully digested and some of it is not eliminated.

Instead, it is left to clog up your colon and create an environment that promotes the formation of toxic fungal growths that can eventually lead to serious colo-rectal conditions. When that clogged, undigested food includes the residue of red meat or processed meats, the result can be very serious indeed, even allowing cancer cells to flourish!

This information (you can read about it here) is in part what caused me to make my own decision to become vegetarian. It wasn't made lightly or just because I love animals. OK, I do love animals and don't want to eat them, but sentiments aside, the health aspects were overwhelming in my coming to that decision.

The Decision that Manifests Health

You can do this but you first must make the decision that this is what you are going to do. Then stick to that decision.

This is a decision that you must make to cause good health to manifest in your body. It is only one part of a bigger whole, but an important part nonetheless.

Start with your food and give your body the right fuel that it needs for optimum health and then move on from there.

The next step is dealing with stress.


A consequence of our modern way of life with its fast pace and constant pressure to perform well at work to earn the money you need to pay living expenses and fund the lifestyle is stress. Many people are under enormous pressure every day just to get through it and the stress it causes is a major cause of illness.

meditation to de-stressWithout going into the medical explanation of how stress affects our bodies, suffice it to say it does it no good whatsoever.

What can we do to reduce the stress levels or even remove stress altogether?

One of the best ways is to meditate each day. Meditation relaxes the whole body and over time with regular practice it can help us build up a kind of anti-stress barrier that helps us cope with stressful situations more calmly and without allowing the external stress touch us internally.

Linked with meditation is deep breathing. This is something we can do as often as we can throughout the day to help oxygenate our bodies as well as relax our muscles and thereby reduce our susceptibility to stressful situations.

Yoga is a powerful tool in this area as it combines physical movement and poses with deep breathing exercises and also a form of meditation. Practising ho'oponopono (Hawaiian prayer) is another powerful technique for reducing and removing stress.


In line with practising deep breathing comes physical exercise as a means to help us deal with stressful situations without us becoming stressed in harmony with those situations.

Daily physical exercise is an important practice that will not only help us dissolve stress but also help our bodies gain strength and stamina as well as help it to use up the energy stored from the food we eat. It doesn't need to be strenuous either.

Simply going for long, brisk walks each day can bring a huge amount of benefits especially to people that lead a sedentary lifestyle by breaking up the periods of inactivity with periods of mild exercise. When this is done outdoors during the daytime, there are even more benefits it brings.

Fresh Air and Sunlight

healthy fresh air and sunlightGetting out of the house or office and into the fresh air and sunlight for long walks has a multitude of benefits that help improve health on a number of levels.

The walking provides the activity that our bodies need to burn energy while the fresh air provides us with a fresh supply of oxygen.

The sunlight enables our bodies to produce their own vitamin D which is essential for metabolism and weight management. Vitamin D also helps to boost our immune systems to fight off viral infections such as colds and flu.

Exposure to sunlight or natural daylight also causes us to release the feel-good hormone serotonin.

This has the effect of improving our mood, dispelling depression and helping to reduce stress.

Conclusion: It Starts with the Mind

All the above information that can help a person to improve their health and help to reduce the potential to become ill or contract certain diseases will only work if it is acted upon. Information may be power but only when it is acted upon!

That power can only be accessed by first forming the mental decision to take action. In other words, the journey to good health begins in the mind.

For that to happen, it is necessary to have mental discipline in order to make the decision to work toward better health and then persevere in following through with the necessary physical or circumstantial actions.

Practising the law of attraction to manifest good health will be effective if your decisions are sound and subsequently acted upon by you. This is the basis of creating the life that you want by using the mental tools and the knowledge of how to use them effectively.

Start with the mind and make your decision to be healthy... and that is how to manifest good health. What will follow may just pleasantly surprise you.


This article was published: Friday 4th Jan 2019

Written by: Terry Didcott