One Minute Prayer for Wealth, Abundance and Happiness

Would you be surprised to learn that a simple one-minute prayer to manifest wealth, abundance and happiness can be done each night by anyone?

It's all done for you so you just need to listen to the words that have been professionally recorded and feel your vibration increase accordingly.

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The power of this idea is in its sheer simplicity!

one minute prayer for wealth, abundance and happinessSo what is this all about, why would you be interested and how can you get started?

Let's dive in.

Manifesting Your Desires

One aspect of manifestation is in the ability to be calm, quiet and shut out all external influences.

I'm sure if you are a regular reader of my website articles, you already knew that. You probably also know that the repetition of relevant affirmations helps you to focus on the goal you are attempting to reach.

Another word for "affirmation" could be "prayer."

The simpler the affirmation, mantra or prayer, the easier it is to remember to say it correctly and the more effective it becomes.

Another way of going about manifesting what you want is to listen to pre-recorded affirmations or prayers when you are relaxing in a quiet place with no disturbances.

However you commit your repeated phrases or mantras to the subconscious, the effect is to raise your vibration to match your desires in order to attract them to you. This gives us more than one way to get the message to the subconscious where we want it.

You can internalise the mantra, prayer or affirmation by:

  • Reading it to yourself
  • Speaking it out loud
  • Whispering it to yourself
  • Saying it in your mind
  • Listening to it being spoken by a mentor
  • Listening to it spoken on a recording

Doing any one of these things has the effect of imprinting the message upon your unconscious mind to bring your vibrational frequency up to match that of your desired goal.

What is The Divine Prayer (One Minute Prayer)?

Taking the last point from the above list of ways to get some uplifting words into the subconscious, The Divine Prayer is a pre-recorded mantra or prayer that you can listen to whenever you are in the moment.

It simplifies the process of internalising powerful affirmations in the form of a prayer that you simply listen to.

It comes with a full manuscript so you can read while you listen. For many people, both reading and hearing the words has a doubling effect of the affirmation's uptake by the subconscious.

The recorded prayer comes with some additional free bonus material. I have to agree that free bonuses are always most welcome!

How Does The Divine Prayer Work?

It is becoming increasingly better understood that when certain words are spoken or heard, the associated frequencies have a sympathetic effect on our brain and heart centres. When the words are uplifting and positively stimulating, the effect is reflected in how we feel at the time.

To manifest what we want, we need to both imagine with our mind and feel with our heart the experience of having already received the desired thing.

The vibrations created by this prayer do exactly that, while training the thinking part of the brain, the hippocampus, to accept the imagined reality of having received the thing desired. Thereby empowering the manifestation process.

How to Obtain The Divine Prayer

Getting your hands on this potent means of manifestation is made as simple as possible.

Naturally, the product's creator wants their customers to find it easy to buy it without any hassle. To that end, I have provided a handy link to the creator's website where the product is showcased and from where you can buy it via a standard shopping cart with a credit/debit card.

As an affiliate of The Divine Prayer I earn from qualifying sales

Click the image link above to visit The Divine Prayer, watch the video and see for yourself if this is just what you wanted to assist your manifestation of wealth and abundance.


You do not need to purchase this digital downloadable product to produce your own powerful manifestation vibe.

By learning the right positive affirmations, you can say them to yourself repeatedly, get yourself into the feeling place of receipt and create an attractive force that can result in the manifestation of your desires.

However, the benefits of having an expertly created vibrant prayer that has been carefully created to manifest wealth, abundance, prosperity and happiness is highly attractive in itself.

I realise it could be viewed as something of a shortcut, but having a tool like this can only add to your ability to manifest your desires more potently.

The choice is yours, of course.

But just in case you're curious as to what this Divine Prayer is, you can take a sneak peek by clicking the image link above without committing to buying if you do not want to!

You'll get to watch a really interesting video in any case!

I think you'll be pleasantly surprised at what you will find there.

Thank you for reading this article... and now I'm off to meditate and take myself to another place in the inner realm of consciousness.

Date Posted: 7th May, 2024

Written by: Terry Didcott