Dr. Joe Vitale: Personal Development Master

As I have covered some of his training courses and personal development material, let's find out about Dr. Joe Vitale, who he is and some of what he has achieved in his life.

To get us started, it's worth knowing that Dr. Joe Vitale is a passionate personal growth coach, teacher and author.

His work spans several decades, with his enormous experience helping people to make use of the Law of Attraction in order to build their businesses and improve their lives.

dr joe vitaleHe is very well-known for his originality and creativity. He regularly gives talks to large audiences about key aspects of his work.

Who is Dr. Joe Vitale?

While "Attract money," "Ho'oponopono" and "the Law of Attraction," are almost synonymous with Dr. Joe Vitale, the reality is that he started his journey on the streets.

He was able to transform his poverty into a life of abundance and fulfilment through the power of manifestation. He is inspired by his own experience and is determined to inspire others to make the same massive changes he did.

Although his skills range widely, he is most well-known for his marketing techniques, which have helped people to make millions, as well as his unique ability to write hypnotically.

He has been invited to present in many countries around the globe, including in Russia, Canada, Poland, Kuwait and even the United States. He was also a keynote speaker at San Diego's 2007 National Speaker Associations Convention.

The Secret

Joe Vitale, who is an expert on The Law of Attraction was invited to star in author Rhonda Byrne's "The Secret" (2006). Watching "The Secret" movie or reading the book is often the first time people are exposed to the concept behind manifestation.

"The Secret" movie's format is mirrored in the book of the same name. Dr. Joe Vitale was interviewed by Larry King Live about "The Secret" shortly after it was released.

Joe Vitale's YouTube channel contains a selection of more powerful lessons in the numerous ways of using the Law of Attraction.

He also shares short clips to help you change your limiting beliefs, as well as longer videos that tech you how to heal via Ho'oponopono, with real examples of his work helping people transform their lives.

Law of Attraction Certification Training

Joe Vitale has created his own website which is his online resource for his Law of Attraction practitioner certificate training courses.

This program is taught with Dr. Steve G. Jones, a world-renowned NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) practitioner and clinical hypnotherapist. It teaches you how to attract all the things you desire and enriches your life with abundance.

You may find that everything you want in your life will fall into place once you master this concept yourself first before moving on to teaching others how to manifest by using the Law.

Ho'oponopono Training

Joe Vitale has created a full training course teaching the art of ho'oponopono while incorporating tuition on how to take what you have learned and teach it to others.

In a similar manner to his Law of Attraction training, his Ho'oponopono certification course for practitioners provides students with full details of how to start their own classes either in a physical classroom or online.


Joe Vitale is the author of dozens of books that cover everything, from the general Law of Attraction to the more specific skills needed to draw wealth and climb the career ladder.

These include:

The Attractor Factor

Joe Vitale is best known as an author for his book "The Attractor Factor 5 Easy Steps to Creating Wealth (or Any Else")", which was a #1 bestseller twice.

He teaches how to attract or manifest money by following a five-step process.

His Attractor Factor products, which are based on his words in "The Secret", explain how you can attract whatever you want. He also provides an Attractor Factor IQ test that allows readers to track their progress.

Zero Limits

Joe Vitale's most popular book to date focuses on ancient Hawaiian practices using a technique known as ho'oponopono.

It can be applied to modern life by cleansing the mind in order to remove mental blockages to increase manifestation potential.

"Zero Limits" is written so that the reader feels a coaching experience while reading it. Dr. Vitale has hosted numerous live events on the topic.

At Zero

Joe Vitale believes ho'oponopono unlocks the potential of many people who feel trapped, exhausted, and disillusioned.

He explains in "At Zero", the sequel of "Zero Limits", how we can take full responsibility for our lives and heal the hurt parts within ourselves. This skill can also be extended outward to heal the rest of the world.

This unique approach to manifestation focuses on healing old wounds and empowering yourself through the energy of personal responsibility.

Life's Missing Instruction Manual: The Guidebook You Should Have Been Given At Birth

The popular guidebook, Dr. Vitale's Guide to Life, was also published by Vitale. It reached #1 status. Joe Vitale's concise life lessons are for anyone looking to start a company or to attract money.

This book is ideal for anyone just beginning to learn about the Law of Attraction. Joe Vitale's messages are simple and do not require any prior education.

Summing Up

While it would take several pages to cover all the achievements Joe Vitale has accomplished, this general overview should suffice to provide you with some information on who he is and what he does.

I have personally read much of his work and taken his courses and found Dr. Vital to be an excellent teacher that makes learning easy and enjoyable.

Date Posted: 25th November, 2021


Written by: Terry Didcott