How to Manifest Money: Secret to Attracting Wealth Revealed

One of the powerful takeaways of the law of attraction is using it to manifest money. Learn how to manifest money and discover the secret to attracting wealth in this revealing article!

How is it done and does it really work?

manifesting moneyFor most people, the answer to the second part of that question is that it will never work unless you're prepared to think past the concept of simply imagining a stack of cash and having it drop into your lap as you rock in your easy chair.

That's not to say you'd be doing anything wrong in starting out by visualizing yourself in possession of the cash.

That's because all success starts with having a definite desire. But you need to know there is rather more to the process than just that.

Make the Desire Definite

The most important part of getting started on the road to manifestation by wanting to be in possession of the money you desire is in making that desire specific. It's not good enough to merely want lots of money.

How much is "lots?"

It can be different amounts to different people.

You need to get definite with what you want and that means putting a price tag on exactly how much money you want to have. You also need to be definite about when you expect to be in possession of the desired amount of money.

To bring a thought image of a definite desire into solid form, you must write it out on a piece of paper exactly as you have defined it and written in the present tense. An example would be:

"I am so happy and eternally grateful now that I have in my possession $100,000 by December 31st, 2024."

To lock what is now a personal affirmation in your subconscious so that you believe it is real, you must read what you have written as often as possible every day. Then keep reading it for as long as it takes to have successfully manifested that money into your bank account.

Wrap Thought in Emotion

While repeating affirmations is a good way to get the idea fixed in the subconscious, nothing much will happen no matter how much you repeat them. The subconscious will accept any idea put to it in this way but will not give it any power unless the affirmation or statement is backed by a strong emotion.

The mind creates thought which influences our emotions and it is our emotions that influence the vibration that our bodies are in.

Any emotion linked to a thought or series of thoughts will help embed those thoughts in the subconscious and our bodies will act upon them. Now is a good time to recommend that if you want money attracting ideas to take root in your subconscious, make the emotion you associate with them positive.

Linking thoughts with negative emotions has a habit of attracting bad things to you. That's why you get angry and have a bad day after reading the newspaper, since newspapers are filled with bad news stories for the simple reason that bad news sells a whole lot more newspapers than does good news!

I expand on that point at length in other articles in this website such as the main article on the Law of Attraction, so I won't repeat it here.

Positive emotions that get things done include faith, happiness, love, joy etc. Fill yourself with positivity and you're thoughts and ideas will carry a great deal of power, sufficient to set up the necessary frequency of vibration that will attract what you most desire into your life.

Take Action

Of course, no matter how much attracting you are doing on a mental plane to try and manifest money quickly and easily into your life, nothing will happen until you take physical action. That action can take the form in a multitude of ways, but it will be in harmony with your vibratory frequency and it will naturally attract people or circumstances to you that will aid you in realizing your desires.

Another way of taking action is to increase your own knowledge and understanding of how the manifestation process actually happens. It's a process that takes a good amount of explaining that is best served by a dedicated training course and I just so happen to recommend an excellent one produced by Heather Mathews called Manifestation Miracle, reviewed on the page served by the clickable hyperlink below.

You can read my review of Heather Mathews' Manifestation Miracle or go straight to her own website where she explains what you need to do and how to get her training course by clicking this link:

How much money you attract and how often you receive it will depend on how focused your attention is on convincing your subconscious that you are in the correct state to manifest it. Then it is up to you to provide for the circumstances necessary to make it happen.

Mentally Shaped Reality

While many people think of mentally manifesting something into their lives as being a completely magical or even paranormal occurrence, the reality is that it is a mental incidence backed by physical action that makes it happen. The notion that you can get something for nothing is deeply flawed, at least in humankind's present state of mental evolution.

From that last statement you can theorize there may be more possibilities in our future, but for now all we have is what we know and can experience. We may be spiritual beings, but we still live and are connected to a physical experience and therefore all that we are capable of is still governed by the physical.

However, once we realize and accept that the physical can be influenced by our mental capacities, we can take that power we all possess and start to use it to make the physical world we want. That means we have the power within us to get away from the current situation we exist in that has been made for us by influences outside of our control and live the way we want to live.

The only barrier to achieving that life is our own stock of self-imposed limitations. They can be changed once we understand that we can change them by changing the way we think.

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Written by: Terry Didcott