How the Law of Attraction and Ho'oponopono Work Together

how the law of attraction and ho'oponopono work together

Have you ever wondered how the law of attraction and ho'oponopono work together to mutually strengthen the quality of their respective benefits relating to vastly improving a person's life?

Has the relationship between the two concepts actually crossed you mind?

It crossed mine and such was the moment of revelation it sparked in me, that I decided it would be a good thing if I looked more closely at it and put my findings into this article.

My first thought that sent me down this particular road of wonderment was more curiosity over whether there was even a connection between the two.

It turns out there absolutely is. So let's get on with it.

Law of Attraction vs Ho'oponopono

law of attraction vs ho'oponoponoTo begin, I should first point out that they are two very different practices, yet they are related in the end result desired.

The law of attraction is nothing more than an ideal until it is invoked by a person in their pursuit of an improvement in some area of their life.

Conversely, ho'oponopono is a working method or technique for bringing about an improvement in a person's life that has to be worked through before positive results can be seen.

Separately, the two practices can each produce a desired outcome on their own. However, it is when they are combined that special magic can happen.

Law of Attraction With Ho'oponopono

Let's set out my meandering train of thought into a more straight forward, readable format to explain what I'm thinking:

I have enjoyed first-hand experience of the positive results that making use of the law of attraction can bring in my own life for several years now. The wins have been modestly good, but they have been wins nonetheless.

I was already writing about the benefits of learning how to use the law of attraction, when I heard about Dr Joe Vitale's ho'oponopono certification course which sparked my interest, primarily as a course I should be highlighting on this website.

It wasn't until becoming familiar with the mental cleansing technique of ho'oponopono however, that I was able to vastly improve my results when using the law of attraction to make improvements in my own life.

Here's what I mean:

Ho'oponopono Unblocking Unknown Blockages

Like most people, I was blissfully unaware of any continuing or lingering mental or spiritual blockages that may have been creating a drag effect on my own personal progress.

The problem with not knowing something is you don't know it until it is shown to you.

I had already started this website from the perspective of my acquired knowledge of the law of attraction and continued study and practice when learning more about Dr Joe Vitale revealed his own fascination with ho'oponopono, his association with Dr Ihaleakala Hew Len and the publication of his book, "Zero Limits."

I knew I had to read that book!

So I bought it, read it and absorbed what it was teaching. I was amazed.

I started practising ho'oponopono with enthusiasm. As time went on, I found my modest wins related to my use of the law of attraction grew in stature and I felt more positive than I had ever felt.

What was going on?

Allowing the Law of Attraction to Flourish

While I wouldn't admit to myself that there was anything emotional or mental holding be back, I started to become aware there was more at play here than just becoming more relaxed and laid back as things got better.

Having an analytical mind has been a two edged sword for me throughout my life. It both slowed me down when I needed to get things done but was a real asset when it came to finding answers I needed answering.

An analytical mind really has its advantages when I need to figure things out that aren't so obvious at first glance. I soon realised that something had been let go of, because I wasn't holding myself back any more.

Mental Cleansing

More importantly, I realised that I had been holding myself back without knowing it.

Metaphorically speaking, practising ho'oponopono had gently taken my foot off the virtual brake pedal of this vehicle that had been operating at less than full power.

There had been something still blocking my path. My mental cleaning had been chipping away at whatever it was and over time had cleared enough of the deadwood away to allow me to move forward a little more easily.

I don't think all the work has been done yet. I feel more empowered but it's still not 100%.

One thing I am sure about is that continued practice of ho'oponopono will bring continued improvements in all things related to my taking action in use of the law of attraction.

Daily Mind Cleaning

I spend some time "cleaning" daily, usually when I'm out walking the dogs because there are few interruptions. Nobody seems to take any notice of some older guy walking along muttering things to himself or maybe to his dogs.

By repeating the four short phrases: "I love you. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you" over and over brings me a kind of inner peace that rivals the best meditation periods I do when at home.

By working on myself, I also seem to be positively affecting the people closest to me. This is a nice by-product of the process. The more important effect is how readily I am able to focus my thoughts on doing whatever it is I set myself a task to do. I'm attracting more of the things I want to attract, which is the best result I can hope for.


While the law of attraction and the Hawaiian practice of ho'oponopono for making things right may not appear to be particularly related, I can say with certainty and first-hand experience they certainly are.

To enable the law of attraction to work in a person's life, their mind must be clear enough to allow the flow of energy to occur in the right way before anything can be manifested. Ho'oponopono cleans the mind to make that possible.

This is their relationship and how using the two practices together can make thing happen the way you want them to happen by empowering the energy flow to and from the Universe, to and from the person.

I may have not known about this relationship before, but I know it now and that's what counts!

Date Posted: 29th September, 2022


Written by: Terry Didcott