Action: Now Do It to Attract Your Desired Outcome

With the right intention and giving it your fullest attention, now is the time to take action.

Do it now to attract your desired outcome because activity is what makes things happen!

In this, the third detailed account of learning how to put the Law of Attraction to work in your favour, I explain the need for actual physical activity to take place to make what you want come into existence.

While many remain rooted in the belief that the Law of Attraction is some kind of ethereal force that will swing into play through mental work only, this is a wake up call that there is more to it than that.

Action and Reaction

Now might be a good time to include Newton's third law of motion where he stated that:

"For every action in nature, there is an equal and opposite reaction."

take actionWe can use that law as an analogy for what we want to manifest in life.

In short, we need to take a certain amount of physical action to bring about a reaction in the manifestation of the thing we desire.

In plain speak, to give a hypothetical example, is we want to manifest a hundred dollars, then we need to take the appropriate action, like doing some work to earn it!

Of course, the Law of Attraction will be working in tandem with the action taken, by setting up a like vibration to match that of the work being undertaken. So that the end result of that work, the monetary reward, will be manifest.

Why is Action Needed?

The Law of Attraction works by attracting to you an energy field that is in harmony with your own vibration.

When that vibration has a frequency that encapsulates the action you are taking, it will attract like energy in the form of your desired outcome to that action. In this example, it is how to attract money.

However, that example relies on the mundane use of human work plus time expended to earn the amount of money that is in keeping with the value of the work undertaken. This is the very situation that anyone wanting to make use of the Law of Attraction is trying to rise above.

So how do we take action to energise the law?

Acting Smart

We do it by using the mental power that sets us humans apart from the rest of the animal kingdom.

In other words, we use our intelligence to reduce the amount of actual physical work we need to do. We do that by working smart and bringing into play our knowledge of how thought plus emotion creates a powerful energy field to harness the law of vibration.

We know that by mentally visualising our desire and feeling the emotions associated with actually having it in our possession in the now, the present moment, we create a strong attractive force. That force will bring to us the right circumstances and, if necessary, people, that will make things happen to bring about the miraculous manifestation of that desire.

There will still be some physical action to take on our behalf. But rather than working very hard for long periods of time, we only do the tasks necessary to create the end result.

Attracting Money

For example, if it is money that we want to attract, our task is to first state our intention of what we want to attract in precise terms by writing it down.

Our next task is to set our attention by focusing on what we want in our thoughts through visualisation.

The physical action may involve tasks such as creating a bank account to hold the money or creating an online wallet to have the money paid into. Alternatively it may mean us having a safe installed in our home to keep large amounts of cash in.

Taking action also means preparing for the receipt of the desired outcome.

Mental Preparation to Attract

The mental preparation needed is in becoming adept at setting aside time to meditate in order to cleanse the mind to make it more receptive to ideas that can be used to bring about the desired end result.

Receiving ideas from the depths of the mind is a big part of the Law of Attraction. This is because most often we will require clever ideas to use to create the circumstances that will bring us our desired result.

Receiving a valuable idea from a quieted mind is another form of attraction, is it not?

Physical Preparation to Attract

As already mentioned, we also need to prepare in the physical world for receipt of the thing we desire.

If we desire a flashy new car, one form of preparation would be to build a flashy new garage to house it when it arrives!

Attracting a Mate

attract a mateShould we desire a new life partner that will form a happy and fulfilling relationship, we can prepare by getting our home in order for the arrival of its new inhabitant.

For instance, we should definitely clean it from top to bottom, redecorate, refurbish anything that needs it and make it into a welcoming abode to receive that special person.

If we desire fame, for example as a popular musician, we can prepare by practising our instrument until we are at a professional level of accomplishment. Then work on our self-promotional skills to sell ourselves when the time comes.

Attracting Political Power

If our desire is power in, say a the political arena, our preparation can be in honing our debating and public speaking skills as well as learning how to make ourselves as attractive to voters as possible.

That is generally achieved though cleverly choreographed use of our body language, demeanour and the outward-facing presentation of the appearance of an honest public figure.

Side note: The above description of a politician may have a slight tongue-in-cheek feel to it, but we all know fairly well that public figures work very hard on their presence, whether it the persona presented is real, deep down or not. You decide for yourself.


In order to create a desired result using the Law of Attraction, it is necessary to act now by deciding what you want and doing whatever is needed to create the right circumstances for its arrival.

Using the old analogy of a person sitting in their rocking chair dreaming of being rich, the reality is that there is a definite need to get up out of your chair and take action by doing something relevant to manifest your desires.

Lastly and probably the most poignant example of taking action to manifest a desired result: If your desire is to win the lottery, you must first go out and buy a lottery ticket!

Date Posted: 17th March, 2022


Written by: Terry Didcott