How to Think Yourself Slim

Using your mind to master your physical body is not a new concept and is one that has been applied for many years by those who know how to do so as well as by those who were lucky enough to stumble upon it without realizing.

This ability can be applied to any area of your physical health as is clearly demonstrated by spiritual gurus who have been medically tested and have shown the ability to alter their heart rate, body temperature and a number of other physical conditions simply by altering the state of their mind.

This ability is not limited to a few special people, but is available for everyone to tap into. You just have to know how to do it and be prepared to exercise some mental discipline to achieve it.

Unfortunately, this is the point at which the vast majority of people will baulk!

Mental Discipline

It's all well and good wanting to lose weight and believing that it is possible simply by focusing your mind on having a slimmer body, but without disciplined mental effort you may never attain it in this way. But how difficult is it really to discipline your mind to make it do what you want it to do.

The answer is that actually it is not difficult at all. In fact the mental attraction of what you really want is quite easy, but it does involve making some simple sacrifices which most people are unwilling to make. Take the age-old adversary to education and enlightenment, the television set!

People are loathe to give up their evenings in front of the TV set watching their favorite shows, which are incidentally interspersed with commercial breaks advertising all manner of things, but often there will be ads for high calorie snacks and popular fizzy soda drinks as well as the usual barrage of fast food restaurant and pizza delivery ads. All these add up to an evening of being conditioned to want all these weight gain foods and drinks!

Unfortunately, without the TV commercials it would mean no TV shows either when you think about it because the ads sponsor the making of the shows! But it's not just the commercials that do the damage when you want to try and train your mind to do what you want it to do.

The fact of sitting there watching shows that fill your mind with entertainment is time used where you are not sitting there training your mind!

Training Your Mind to Think Thin Thoughts

If you can get yourself away from the TV set and spend some time on your own in a quiet place where you will not be disturbed, then you can train your mind to become your willing servant, rather than have it be run by what goes on around you. You need to learn the technique of meditation as this is the first step to taking back the full control of your mental power.

Meditation is in its simplest terms a state of mental and physical relaxation where your mind remains alert but is also still and calm. That means there are no thoughts running through it like you would normally have when you are not having it run by external factors like the TV or radio or what you are reading or listening to or observing.

You can do this with practice, as it will not seem so easy at first with thoughts seeming to creep into you mind at will in the early stages. But in time and with practice, you can stop the thoughts coming into your mind and make it be still.

The trick is to first relax your body by taking a series of slow, deep breaths, then as your physical body relaxes, you focus your mind on a single bland or easily imagined point of reference, such as point of light or an image of the moon or a star or a black dot on a white page. Try different things to see what you find easiest to focus on and then concentrate on that single point.

Every time a thought comes into your mind, crowd it out with just the thought of the thing you are focusing on. While you are doing this, you also concentrate on breathing in and out slowly. Some people find that the very process of concentrating just on their breathing is enough to quieten their mind.

The more often you do this, the better you will get at doing it until you are able to maintain a clear mind for several minutes or longer. It is in this state and only after you are relatively well practised that you can then start to bring your imagination into play.


After meditating for several minutes, you then use your mind's power of visualization bring up an image in your mind of how you would look if you were at the exact weight and body shape that you wish to be. Focus on that image and really get into it.

Imagine being in that body and walking around in it, feeling how light you are and how much energy you have. Notice the clothes you are wearing and how well they fit you. The more real you can make the experience the better and the longer you can hold that image and remain a part of it in full virtual experience, the better. And the more often you do this, the more real it will feel to you.

This visualization technique can be used on any number of aspects of your physical health to the point where you can actually imagine yourself healthy when you are in reality, unwell.

What the mind conceives and believes, the body can achieve.

This saying is so true but only when you gain a fuller level of control over your mind. It only comes with practice and regular use, so it's no good trying it one time and then not bothering again because you don't want to miss your favorite TV show. It's something that you have to do regularly, like every day and for as long as you can realistically do it for.

When you can really take control of your mental power, the limits to what you can achieve are almost endless. As human beings, we are still only scratching the surface of what our minds are capable of. One day, we will achieve complete control of this amazing power and who knows what will be possible!


Written by: Terry Didcott