Focusing Thought

It is not too well known that that focusing thought and consciously directing mental activity can bring about a surprising number of benefits in a person's life.

The thought process of most people can best be described as a chaotic jumble of ideas, decisions and calculations governed mainly from external influences.

That means people tend to think about whatever immediate input is presented to them.

This is normal and nothing to be concerned about, but if you want to make improvements in your way of life and personal affairs, you need to learn to focus your thoughts more.

focusing thoughtThat's not an easy thing to do right away for most people because it involves making some big changes in the way we think.

This article delves into the area of personal thought and how we can work toward eliminating most of the unproductive though processes cause by extraneous input and focus more on the things we need to think about that are important to us and to our personal improvement and development.

Figuring Out What Is Important

The first step toward gaining better control of your thoughts is to first figure out what is important to you and what will make your life better. Let's face it, most of the information that is filling our heads is junk put there by what we are seeing, hearing and otherwise sensing all around us.

We can filter a lot of that unnecessary noise out if we choose to. It just takes a little practice.

While we may not be able to do much about what is going on around us at any given time of the day, we can control some of it.

Media such as the television or radio are highly intrusive to our thoughts because they utilize our two main senses, sight and hearing to push their messages into our brains. Newspapers and magazines are less intrusive but still highly visual infiltrators.

Silencing Some of the Noise

However, much of this unwanted external noise interference can be removed. For instance, the radio can be silenced simply by turning it off.

The same goes for the TV set and other visual and/or audio equipment. But how strong willed are you to be able to do any or all of those things?

It may sound easy, but if you've grown habitually used to watching the news on TV at certain times of the day, you are going to find it pretty tough to stop watching it, at least at first. Or if you are busy doing a repetitive task and are used to listening to the radio while you do it, how are you going to manage without it?

Sometimes you don't even get the choice. If you work in a place where there are several other workers who also like to listen to the radio while they work, you are going to meet with some stiff opposition in getting it silenced.

At home, the family will not be too happy to stop watching their favorite mind numbing game show or soap opera just so you can quieten your mind for a reason they will not understand.

But try you must!

If it means sitting in another room to the family and their beloved TV set, then you have to do it. At work, you could try using earplugs or get a personal stereo and listen to neutral or white noise over personal earphones.

Or you could listen to soothing, relaxing, meditative music.

Using the Silence Wisely

Of course, being able to quieten your surroundings is of little use to you unless you then decide to use that silence wisely. This is where you can teach yourself to focus your thoughts onto the positive things that you want to be in your life.

It takes some practice, but when you are not being bombarded with so much external interference, you can choose your thoughts and then deliberately focus on them. The way to maximize this time is to choose positive thoughts of the things that you want.

For instance, if you want to enjoy good health then you should think or yourself as being perfectly healthy, happy and content. Get into the mental zone where you can see yourself in this state of contentment and well being and then get into that picture you're holding in your mind and really feel it.

It can be very uplifting and rewarding when you do it regularly and get very good at slipping into this positive mode of visualization and experience. It can also bring with it surprisingly good results if you're willing and able to do this on a regular and frequent basis.

The same strategy applies if you want your finances to improve.

Rather than thinking about any negative aspects, such as the debt you may be in or the worry of any big bills you may have looming on the horizon, eject those thoughts from your mind immediately. Then start to think only of prosperity and really imagine how you are enjoying the increased income flowing into your life while experiencing how that feels.

Practice Makes Perfect

This kind of thinking takes time to perfect, but it can be done by anyone with the determination and desire to make it happen. You need to practice often and regularly and when you do that, you'll find it gets easier to slip into that thinking and feeling zone of positivity.

It all starts with the desire to make your life better on all levels. The desire to do something positive will bring about the effort to get started and keep practising, while building your determination and persistence to keep going no matter what.

Over time, you will begin to notice a shift in your perception and in your life overall. Things will start to get better and it will be all down to your learning to use your mind rather than have it use you.

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Written by: Terry Didcott