How to Think Yourself Healthy

Enjoying good health is something that we all would like to do, but many of us are not as healthy as we would like to be.

There is a very good reason for this and a lot of it has to do with the predominant state of people's minds. It will become clear why this is as I explain it more fully.

The first thing that you have to understand before any of this will fall into place is that the physical body is controlled by the brain. This is elementary stuff but something many people simply forget. The brain, of course, is the seat of learning, reason and thought.

It is also the place where our emotions are created, experienced and altered according to the stimuli that is fed into the mind. For the purpose of this article, we will assume the mind to be the actual controller of everything we do rather than the physical brain itself, which is the vehicle that enables our mind to exist.

The Mind

It would take several volumes to fully explain the mind. And that would encompass the sum knowledge that we have obtained about that enigmatic aspect of our lives, which is, even in this enlightened day, pitifully lacking.

But what we do know so far is that the mind can be essentially divided into two areas.

There is the conscious mind, which is the part we use for thinking, reasoning, logic, problem solving and all the things that we do in our normal waking state.

And there is the subconscious mind, which is responsible for keeping our bodies functioning in an automatic way, inasmuch as we don't have to consciously think about any of it.

Think of these two parts of the mind as the waking part that we use and we know we're using it, and the sleeping part that works in the background that we are not generally aware of, but that keeps our hearts beating, our lungs breathing, our metabolism processing food and liquid, our immune system fighting disease and the thousands of other bodily functions that go on every second of every day virtually on autopilot.

Experts in hypnosis know that the subconscious mind can be influenced by post-hypnotic suggestion. Also that such suggestions can be made to be enact in motor responses and behavioural changes and that this can be used effectively to reframe behavioural patterns that do not respond to mainstream medical therapies.

It is also possible to attract what you want, or more importantly, what you do not want simply by placing that thought uppermost in your mind for a prolonged period. This is how many people get what they don't want so much of the time, yet by learning about the Law of Attraction they could turn this trait right around to their advantage.

The two parts of the mind work together in some respects, especially when it comes to the way in which the body is affected by the emotions.

Emotions and Health

The emotions can have a direct effect on the body's processes as many people will already know. For instance, when we experience very strong emotions of anger and resentment, these emotions are often accompanied by physical reactions such as indigestion, a feeling of hotness, excess sweating and tightened muscles.

In fact, anger and heat are often referred to in casual conversation, such as "he was burning up with anger" or "the anger burned inside."

This isn't the only way the emotions can adversely affect our bodies. Prolonged experiencing of strong negative emotions like anger or hate or resentment can seriously degrade the body and cause massive cell destruction leading to illness, premature aging and even organ failure.

Medical research has proved that when we experience strong negative emotions, our bodies become more acid and as we all know, acid burns flesh. In extreme cases, people can literally become "burning up with anger" to the point where they cause serious medical reactions.

So if this is true of negative emotions, the what about the positive emotions of happiness, love, faith, joy, bliss etc?

Well, the good news is that people who have a naturally positive and happy disposition tend to enjoy greater health and longer life. That's because their bodies are less acid and are not degraded by stress or the cell destruction that negative emotions cause.

In fact, medical research has proved that experiencing a prolonged positive emotional state actually increases the production of new, healthy cells. It also promotes calmness in the muscles and strengthens the immune system enabling the body to more effectively fight off disease.

Thoughts and Emotions

It probably won't take you long to realize that if the predominant thoughts can result in what emotions we experience, then by deciding on what to think about can manually create our emotions for us.

This is true. What's more, when we get to the stage where we can choose our thoughts, we can literally be more happy and healthy as a result.

It takes some practice to gain confidence and direct our thoughts effectively and for any length of time, but "practice makes perfect." This is what stops so many people from being able to enjoy good health, as it takes some measure of effort to control the thoughts.

With practice it is not only possible but great results are very achievable as anyone who regularly practices meditation will attest to.

What we must not do is to allow outside influences to direct our thoughts for us. The most powerful of these come from the visual medium of television or similar video audio devices such as computers, computer games and to some extent the movie theatre.

Television is a wonderful educational medium and learning tool, but unfortunately it is used mostly for creating substandard programming that is inevitably interspersed with commercials advertising merchandise and services.

Television and Thought

People become so addicted to watching TV that they forget they are being directed in their thoughts in a powerful way to the extent where they can unknowingly be brainwashed by all the commercials and politically biased programs.

If you don't think that is possible, next time you watch a commercial for a particularly tempting snack, just see if you don't actually feel like you want to eat that snack right there and then!

Watching the news is also a bad idea if you want to enjoy good health by maintaining a predominantly positive and happy mental state. Most news stories are bad news, because that's what draws in most viewers.

Bad news makes you experience certain negative emotions. Like anger, frustration, hatred and even feeling of revenge when a particularly upsetting piece of news is run, such as a child abduction or act of violence against people.

Guess what? You will experience more of those negative emotions that you do not want and go right back to getting an acid body that is self destructing. Watching the news is not only a bad idea because it makes you feel bad, but also it gives you a feeling of powerlessness because you cannot do anything about what you are watching, except in your own mind.

Sure, you can have a massive angry debate about what you're watching going on inside your head, but who is suffering for all that misplaced mental energy?


Summing Up

Do yourself a big favor and stop watching the news and avoid reading newspapers too. You won't be missing out on much and you'll feel a whole load better for it.

You can break free from the clutches of the giant media companies that do not have your well being at heart just be making it your intention and taking positive action. Learn to improve yourself through life coaching programs and how you can become the person you really are.

Devote your mental energies to thinking happy thoughts and create your own good health!


Written by: Terry Didcott