About Us

Welcome to Disciplined Thinking. This page provides an overview of what the website is about and who is behind its writings, opinions, researches and conclusions.

There are many people are likely to read this because they were looking for ways to learn how their thoughts determine how everything in their lives comes about. This site goes into the area of the way the mind can influence a person's life and how a simple shift in mental attitude can change it for the better.

It attempts to explain the process of mental productivity and creation as best can be explained. Not an easy task, as we're delving into a field that is still largely not all that well understood by most. However, what is known or at least believed to be, can be shared and told in my own words as best I can, given my own limited yet ever-growing knowledge and understanding of this topic.

The site author, Terry Didcott is a qualified hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner with over 20 years experience. He is also a long time student of life laws and how the mind can be trained to influence a person's life for better or for worse.

The articles published here in this website are all his own work and his own interpretation on the cumulative work of past authors and pioneers in this field.

Written by: Terry Didcott