Manifestation Miracle: Heather Mathews' Masterpiece?

Do you dream about having everything you could possibly ask for? Do you want to know how other people do it?

My look at Heather Mathews' Manifestation Miracle shows you how you can use the power of your own mental capacity to literally manifest everything you always wanted into your life so easily it will make your head spin!

Can it be true that every single living person has the capability to realise their dreams simply through using the power of their minds? And that includes you!

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Too Good To Be True

But of course, there is still the sceptic inside telling you that it can't possibly be true, right? Your own in-built beliefs simply won't allow you to accept that there are powers at work that science hasn't yet come up with a definite answer for, although to be fair, quantum mechanics is coming pretty close.

The natural response to hearing about what amounts to a lazy person's road to success is that whatever "it" is, it simply is too good to be true. So it can't possibly be real, can it?

Well, it's good to have a questioning mind and to want to scrutinise any apparently wild claim that there is such a method. One that you can learn that will elevate your status in life and attract into your life all the things you ever dreamed about having.

In or Out of the Box?

out of the boxBut while you're sticking yourself into the box you currently live in, along with 98% of the rest of the population, the few enlightened souls that are climbing out of their boxes are realizing the truth. Because inside the box, it might be safe and comfortable, but there is no way to expand in any direction!

The first step, if you want to expand yourself is to get out of the box.

What box? You may well ask!

Everybody lives inside their own little bubble (or "box") of safety and security even when they think they lead interesting and maybe even extraordinary lives. However, everything about your life is defined by your own perception of what your life is.

You may believe your life is great, or not as the case may be. But unless you are truly seen by others as an extraordinary character, you may not be living quite the amazing life you think you are.

There is a simple way to find out. Just answer these questions (true or false) honestly:

  • Do you never have to think about money because you always have more than you can spend?
  • Do you live in a home that is so amazing in every way you have to pinch yourself every day to make sure you're not dreaming?
  • Do you never concern yourself with your health because you always look and feel amazing every day?
  • Do you never worry about your close relationships because they are happy and harmonious and you always feel loved and happy?
  • Do you never complain about anything at all?

If you answered "true" to all five questions, then you are living the kind of life that 98% of the population think is amazing and can only ever dream about for themselves. To achieve this lifestyle, you are living outside the box every day.

What Do You Do Differently to Everyone Else?

do it your wayPeople who admire your lifestyle are apt to comment that you must be doing something very different to everyone else to have obtained and kept it. Well, in many respects that is true because you are!

You do things that are different to everyone else.

Others would call you lucky, or blessed, or charmed. You would be perceived as living a "charmed life" as is commonly attributed to the kind of perfect life everybody wants to lead but don't.

But what are those "different" things?

Here's a clue: It was talked about by the late broadcaster Earl Nightingale in his eye-opening piece, "The Strangest Secret." You may not be doing anything physically different to others, but you are doing something very different in the way that you think!

It is your ability to think unique and innovative thoughts that generate ideas you put into practice to do things in a certain way that others are not doing. You literally think yourself into a better lifestyle!

But here's the catch: Very few people know how to use their minds in the right way to bring about the positive benefits and circumstances that sets them apart from the rest of humanity.

Can You Learn How to Use the Mind for Betterment?

I'm often asked if it is possible to learn how to use the mind to achieve a better way of doing things that will ultimately create a better life. The answer is a resounding "Yes!"

There are many self help courses and books out there. You probably already know about many of them and may even have read or watched some yourself. You may have learned some things but the magic "secret" still eludes you.

I have discovered how to do this for myself, but with that discovery came another one that opened my eyes wider still: Different people find this "secret" in different ways. That's not to say the secret is different for different people. It's the same.

But what is different is the way in which different people learn and understand things. And even that evolves with each individual the more they learn about how their mind works.

Real Life Example

Here's an example to make what I'm saying a little clearer:

When I first got into personal development, discovered the Law of Attraction and figured out how it works, it took a series of learning events I had to go through before it really made sense to me.

I was aware of life laws long before "The Secret" was published and knew about the so-called Andrew Carnegie secret of: "What the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve," but I hadn't grasped the full and life changing significance of it. Upon reading the book (and then watching the movie) "The Secret" the concept started making a lot of sense to me.

My partner read and watched the book and movie the same time as me and while she certainly got it and even put it into practice, she never really took it forward. I was really drawn to Bob Proctor in that movie and started reading his books and listening to his recorded lectures.

I took it forward. The first thing that became obvious was that Bob got most of what he was teaching from one book, "Think and Grow Rich," by Napoleon Hill as well as from his mentor Raymond Stanford (who got him to read that book) and later, Earl Nightingale. I knew I needed to read that book too, so I got it and I read it.

I read it over and over until what was being taught in there stuck in my own mind. I think this is where a lot of people fall down when they try to get into the whole personal development thing.

Where You've Been Going Wrong

listen hardThey get a book, read it once and put it down.

These books are not novels or light reading material. They are learning or training manuals. When you are trying to learn something, you don't just read a text book once and discard it. You read it over and over to learn what it's trying to teach you!

The same applies to books like "Think and Grow Rich." I knew I couldn't possibly truly absorb and assimilate the teachings in that book until I had saturated my brain with it by reading it repetitively and each time compounding the understanding I was getting.

It's how we learn anything best, by repetition.

The more I read that book, the more I seem to understand about how we do what we do and don't do what we should do! It started making a lot of sense to the point where I found that I was looking at things a lot differently to the way other people were looking at them.

I am an affiliate of the Manifestation Miracle program

With that understanding comes a price. That price is the sacrifice of being one of the humble masses and having to stand out on your own.

Enlightenment Can be a Lonely Place

When the light bulb goes on above your head, it stays on and you will no longer remain in that "box" you've been in for most of your life. Stepping out into the great unknown can be a little scary, intellectually satisfying but above all, lonely.

Because when you're out of the box and better than 99% of the population are still in there, suddenly there isn't a lot of like mindedness about what your doing any more. Most people simply don't get it.

Your friends will probably wonder why you keep reading the same book over and over, or keep watching the same training DVD again and again or go around listening to the same audio training every day. They don't understand.

You could explain it to them and they might nod in agreement, but they still won't understand! You're on your own from here on out.

But when you consider things the way they are, the few people that have stepped out on their own are the ones you may well look up to and admire for their achievements. You will achieve great things too as long as you stay focused on carving out a great life for yourself.

What is the Best Teaching Course for Me?

The $64,000 question most people who have made it thus far now ask is what will do it for them? It may not be the same things that worked for me. You might not be able to get your head around a 1930s published book or glean the secrets from it as I did.

But that's the beauty of this way of learning. There are several very good courses and training programs that work for many people and one or more will be sure to resonate with you, just as Bob Proctor resonated with me.

I'm well aware that many gravitated to Dr Joe Vitale in "The Secret" and I do promote his Law of Attraction Certification program (just follow that link to read about it). Another very well put together program that I also know is helping a lot of people to get to grips with the seemingly magical part of the Law of Attraction is the one that started off this article, Manifestation Miracle by Heather Mathews.

Manifestation Miracle: Live Your Dreams

If you're interested to know more about this program, I have a handy link that you can click on below that will enable you to learn all about it before deciding that it's what you really want to buy for yourself to take that next leap toward your better life:

I am an affiliate of the Manifestation Miracle program

Be honest with yourself before you choose to buy this program. Do you really want to know more about how you can improve your life using the Law of Attraction to its fullest?

Are you prepared to take the time to learn what Heather is teaching and then put it into practice to realize the benefits that are waiting for you to grab with both hands?

If you are, then click the link above. If you're not, don't buy it because if you're only half-hearted about this, it will not help you. You have to be fully committed to improving yourself before anyone can teach you how to go about it in the right way to make it happen. It will never just happen by itself!


Written by: Terry Didcott