Attention: Focusing on What You Want to Attract

In the process of attraction, once you have stated your intention, you must now focus your attention on what it is that you want to attract into your life with enthusiasm.

Your attention needs to be focused so that you are sending out the right frequency of vibration to the universe that is in harmony with your desire.

This is also an important aspect of the certified practitioner training program of the Law of Attraction, because where your attention is focused is where your desire is rooted.

When you are truly in harmony with your desire, it is easy to be attentive to all aspects of it, thereby enabling your mental and emotional energy to zero in on its frequency. Let's look at how this works.

How Attention Defines Intention

attentionIn my previous article on how stating your intention in relation to your desire makes up the first step in the right direction, I explained why it is important to be specific and exact in that statement of intent.

In this article, I explain the next step in the process of the Law of Attraction, which is placing your fullest attention on the desire you have stated as your intention.

Let's continue the example in the previous article where I stated I intended and expected to receive $10,000 by a certain date. Now that I know exactly what it is that I want, I can visualise it as it would appear if I had already received that then thousand dollars.

In my mind's eye (my imagination) I can see myself receiving that money in the form of a commission payment receipt. The difference with this receipt and the many others I have already received in the past is this one is for the total amount of $10,000.

I imagine I see this figure printed in the box marked ″Total Commission Paid″ on the receipt.

Visualise Having Already Received

In that imaginary scenario, I am seeing the money as already paid, meaning I already have it. This is really important.

Why is it so important to visualise having already received that amount instead of imagining it is earmarked for payment at a later date?

It is important because there is a different frequency associated with having something and not yet having it (even though it is promised).

The frequency that you want to be sending out into the ether is that of already having received the thing you desire, in my case the $10,000. The universe responds by returning the same frequency of energy that will match the frequency of having that money in my possession.

This is a more powerful message than placing the receiving in the future, because having something right now is in the present, while the future could be any time later.

Ramping Up the Energy

The ultimate goal of utilising the Law of Attraction is to have the thing desired manifest in the present. To increase the likelihood of that happening, we need to put as much energy into it as possible.

By raising our frequency of vibration, we make it happen. But how do we increase our frequency?

We do it by associating the visualisation of having the thing desired in our possession with the emotion we would naturally feel by being in possession of it. We have to feel it to attract it.

In other words, we don't so much attract what we want, we attract what we feel!

Injecting emotion into the mix juices up the energy we are radiating out into the ether. Our vibration is higher because we have combined thought energy with emotional energy, both forms being in harmony with what it is that we desire.

So in my example, not only can I see myself in possession of the money, but I can feel the associated emotions of happiness, elation and relief at having really achieved an incredibly impressive goal!

It may be only imaginary at this point. But because it feels real, all that energy is coursing through me as I punch the air and cry out in victory!

Did I mention you really need to feel it to receive it?

Maintain the Illusion of Attraction

Of course, the process of attraction works best when the illusion and emotional association is maintained for a long period of time.

Merely creating a visualisation and emotional association once will not really move space and time to bring you what you want. It has to be done continually or at least as often as is feasibly possible.

I realise that it is simply not possible to keep up that pretence all day and all night, because other aspects of life will get in the way. And locking yourself away in a monastery in solitude won't do it either, because there is another aspect to attraction that needs to take place.

I will explain that aspect in detail in a future article, but for now it's enough to know that you also need to take action to bring about the receipt of a thing desired.

That means you need to be engaged in your daily life as much as is normal because you will need to be active in creating the circumstances for your desire to become reality. In my case, I needed to keep working on my computer, building the websites and promoting them so that I would attract enough visitors who would in turn become customers of the products I was reviewing and promoting.


While I was frequently able to focus my attention on the goal stated as my intention, it was that heightened attention that enabled me to focus on the task at hand that would bring my desired goal into my life.

Since the receipt of money was a consequence of my actions in actively promoting the products that would generate enough commissions to reach my one-month earnings goal, it was fairly easy to maintain focused attention on the desire and effectively cause things to go right for me.

You will also find that when your desire is closely related to the action that you take in order to achieve it, your attention to that desire becomes more constant and consistent. This focuses your energy in the right frequency to transmit to the universe and receive your answer in like frequency, as the law of vibration where like attracts like is fulfilled.

Date Last Updated: 31st March, 2023


Written by: Terry Didcott