How to Reprogram Your Mind for Success and True Happiness

This will make you sit up and take notice: How would you like to learn how to reprogram your mind for success and to enjoy true happiness in a fulfilling life?

I bet you would if you had the chance!

Well I can tell you right now that it is actually possible to change your current mindset if it is not bringing you the positive results you want.

I'll explain why this is.

Self Talk

how to reprogram your mind for successSelf talk. We all do it, almost all of the time. Here is what self talk is, if you're not sure what I'm describing.

Unless we're keeping our mental faculties busy by concentrating hard on a particular task, our thoughts tend to keep busy in other ways. They do this by running an internal commentary with ourselves about whatever topic is uppermost in our awareness.

For most people, most of the time, that commentary will be about something that is annoying us in some way and what we ought to be doing about it. We hold an imaginary conversation in our heads about the topic and it can get quite heated if the topic is particularly emotive.

The source of the conversation's topic is most often something we've heard about or read about, for instance on the TV news or in a newspaper. Sometimes that news story finds its way to us from another person we may be talking to and it came up in our conversation.

An emotive topic will usually be one that makes us angry or sad and often comes from a news story about an injustice happening locally or somewhere in the world. Stories of terrorism, murder, fatal accidents, kidnapping, child abuse and many more in that vein are all highly emotive topics and ones that get carried along from person to person or reach us via the media.

It's when we leave the company of other people and are alone that we carry on the physical conversation we were having with those people in our own thoughts. This is self talk and it can be destructive in so many ways.

The Dangers of Negative Self Talk

While our own inner conversation fuels the negative emotions of anger, frustration, fear and even guilt (at not being able to physically address the problem head on), the predominant negative emotion is busy degrading our physical body at the cellular level while suppressing our autoimmune system.

That might sound a little crazy when you first hear it, but there is science behind that statement that provides positive proof that holding a negative emotion actually causes us physical hurt. We experience real sensations of being under a physical threat of some kind.

Our blood pressure rises, our levels of the stress hormone cortisol rises along with adrenalin as our fight-or-flight response is activated. The body is designed to do this when it is placed in a situation that may be dangerous.

The only problem is that the body can't distinguish a real threat from an imaginary one.

When we have an angry or resentful mental conversation with ourselves, it stimulates a like emotional response. That, in turn, stimulates the physical fight-or-flight response because our body believes it is under threat!

Suffice it to say that nothing good comes of prolonged negative self talk!

Getting Rid of Negative Self Talk

The good news is that it is absolutely possible to turn off the negative inner ramblings and shut down the damaging stress response. It is damaging because we experience the stress without dispelling it through the appropriate action of turning to fight or running away as fast as we can from the situation.

When you think about stopping something from happening, the common first idea is to fight it ot try to block it somehow by putting up barriers. Unfortunately, especially when it comes to the thought process, this doesn't work very well, if at all.

If you were to try to stop yourself from thinking about an angry situation, you'd end up getting angry and frustrated and still the anger would persist. There is a saying, "what we resist persists" that sums that up perfectly.

The harder you try to not think of something, the more you will think of it!

There is a better way of dealing with unwanted negative thoughts and conversation. It is not by meeting it head on, but by simply turning your back on it.

Think of the biblical reference: "Get thee behind me Satan!"

Oh, is that what that means!

Turning your back on the unwanted negative thought is done simply by thinking a positive thought in its place and concentrating more on maintaining the thought. The best way to do that is to bring up a recent happy memory and play that over in your mind while getting emotionally involved in it, which is easy to do since it's a memory of an actual real thing that happened in your life.

This has the effect of invoking the Law of Attraction to literally attract happy and positive things to you.

Positive Affirmations

There are other ways of keeping negative thoughts out of your mind. These involve the use of positive affirmations repeated over and over to your self.

A very old but very effective one is, "Every day in every way I am getting better and better."

That affirmation is a powerful all-instance assertion for self improvement because it covers everything in a short but easy-to-remember statement.

Another powerful affirmation I use a lot is this:

"Things that used to upset me, why now they just calm me and now they just relax me.

And the more that things used to upset me, why the more they now calm me and the more they now relax me."

You can invent some of your own or obtain a collection of great affirmations by googling "affirmations for success" or something more specific to what you are aiming to achieve.

The best way of internalizing an affirmation is to tailor it to fit the way that you would normally say it out loud. Write it down as you say it and then remember and repeat it to yourself as often as you wish. The more you do that, the more deeply it will become ingrained in your psyche, because we learn very deeply by repetition.

Subliminal Affirmations

There is yet another way to train your mind to work in positive self talk and that's by using subliminal affirmations. This works by obtaining a special recording of a musical piece with the affirmations embedded subliminally within.

You can't consciously hear the affirmations because they are recorded below the threshold of conscious awareness (buried in the music), but above the threshold of mental aural recognition, meaning you can hear them but you're not aware of them while your brain is decoding, recognizing and remembering them for you, subconsciously.

Using subliminal recordings is a powerful way of learning, with many already well-known applications such as learning new languages while you sleep. You can also embed positive affirmations into your subconscious while sleeping and listening to the recordings.

There are a number of sources for this type of product and I know of one in particular that I can recommend as having very good positive effects on users. It's called MindZoom and since you will be investing in yourself, you can purchase it as a digital downloadable product from the creator, Dino F. Ruales.

Mindzoom Review

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Written by: Terry Didcott