Cultivating Desire

If we want to attract a thing into our lives, it's first necessary to have a deep, burning desire for it.

Desiring is defined as a mental state we need to cultivate to bring anything to us at all, for without it, we would simply never really want anything.

You may believe that it's only natural for people to want all manner of things, but often the concentrated mental effort needed to put into motion the forces of circumstance to bring the desired thing from the mental realm into the physical is not there.

This article takes a look at the importance of strong desire and how it can be used to increase our ability to bring to us that which we truly want.

What is Strong Desire?

It's the difference between idly wishing for a thing and earnestly desiring it. When we are daydreaming perhaps about a nice looking sports car, or an expensive item of jewellery in the store window but are not putting any definite desire to own it, we are idly wishing and are unlikely to attract the item into our lives.

This is often frustrating to people, especially those that have knowledge of the law of attraction but are unsure of how to put it to use correctly. More is needed to create the necessary circumstances that will bring an item into a person's life.

It starts with creating a strong, definite desire for a certain thing. The level of aspiration needed to set the wheels in motion is one that is mixed with strong positive emotion complimenting the actual deep need itself.

Emotional Underpin

strong desireThe process could be likened to the underpinning of a building with reinforced concrete where it needs its foundations strengthened. We can underpin our thoughts of yearning with a strong emotion of expectancy and faith in its coming and by doing so, magnify the strength of the desired thing many fold.

In fact it is only by infusing our desire with strong emotion that the thought can be transferred to the subconscious where it can be transmitted into the ether to attract like energy that will, in some fashion bring about the happy results we wish to achieve. Without the extra ingredient of emotion, a thought form simply doesn't have the traction to impress itself on the subconscious.

In fact, many people pray frequently but fail to receive their answer because they are merely repeating words that are never heard. Strong positive emotion mixed with those words will give them the necessary power.

An affirmation can be repeated continually until you're blue in the face, but without emotional underpinning it will never get transmitted with sufficient power to make itself heard.

What Do You Really Want?

what do you really wantTo create the right kind of deep craving or want, it needs to be definite and unambiguous. You need to start with what you really want and make it absolute. If it's money you want, it's no good stating "I want loads of money."

A big part of the secret to getting it is that you have to set an exact amount that you expect to receive and fix that in your thoughts.

Even better is to write it out on a piece of paper so there can be no mistake. Then you can repeat to yourself what you have written and mix it with the strong emotion of faith in that you will receive it by a certain, specified date. For example, you could write something like, "I expect to receive $30,000 by December 1," or whatever date is appropriate to your needs.

Once you have made your desired affirmation definite, you must then begin working toward achieving that goal. It's not enough to merely expect it to fall into your lap while you rock in an easy chair!

Go and Get It!

It has been said that, "God helps those that help themselves." You would be wise to remember that and help yourself to receive that which you earnestly long for by putting everything you've got into appropriating it through your own talents, abilities and determination.

Setting up a definite desire for a certain result and compounding its power by adding the appropriate emotion and then taking action to make it happen is how things get done. You need the initial impetus of the strong desire to create the right atmosphere for you to be motivated to take action. Once that ball is rolling, you will not look back.

If you lack ideas about how to go about procuring the object of your longing, use your mental power to generate ideas. Be on the lookout for opportunities that will present themselves often in unlikely ways so that you can easily miss them.

Always follow your hunches and they will lead you to attractive opportunities that might have remained hidden had you ignored them. But above all, keep your aspiration strong and unwavering.

As long as you can maintain the motive force that is your desire, you will stay on track to obtain the goal or object you are seeking and succeed.


Written by: Terry Didcott