How To Become A Life Coach

If you are truly interested in knowing how to become a life coach, there are some aspects of the profession to be aware of before you get started.

Before we get into this topic, it is crucial to define exactly what a coach is and their role.

Life coaches can be described as catalysts, or people that help to make things happen. Ask yourself these questions:

Are you looking to make a difference in a specific area of your life?

Do you feel stuck in one area of your life?

Are you looking for someone to help you get from A to B?

A life coach is the right person to help you. Let's actually look at it more closely.

What a Life Coach Does

The term "life coach" is actually rather vague. Although a life coach can do many things for clients, their main focus is on helping them to "become unstuck."

become a life coachMany people don't realize what their capabilities are, as their lives are often run on autopilot.

As a life coach or certified law of attraction practitioner, you can help people realize their potential. You can be a motivator as well as a strategist, assisting them in discovering their purpose in life.

As long as you are able to keep people accountable for their own lives, you can work on making it easier for them to have more meaningful relationships, be healthier and lead more fulfilling lives.

Finding a Purpose in Life

Many people lead a quiet life. They may have dreamed of great things as children, but their dreams often became ever more subdued as they grew older.

You can help them find their passion and ignite their fire again as a life coach. You can help them escape the monotony of everyday life and guide them on the road to greatness.

You might even be able to help them find their inner child. This is the part of their soul that has never stopped wanting to achieve the goal they set.


People are afraid of change, and so they rarely act. They secretly wish they could do something different all the while living their lives and doing their boring jobs.

They are able to see where their comfort zone is and they rarely step outside of it.

As their life coach, you can motivate them to express themselves and help them get out of their comfort zone. You can be their coach and motivator.


There are sure to be many people who are energized and eager to make a difference in their lives, but for one reason or another, they have no definite plan or strategy.

You can be their life coach and help them get clarity by helping them plan their actions. Your clients will feel empowered just by the thought of you giving them a strategy or a plan of actions.


People can so easily stray off their path for the lack of having someone to intervene when they are finding lame excuses to not progress.

It happens so often where people who start a diet with the best of intentions end up abandoning it a few weeks later.

A life coach is a great help in this area, by holding people accountable for any failures to meet their expectations and spur them onward, freshly motivated and enthusiastic again.

Meaningful Relationships

You can bring joy to your clients' lives by being a life coach. Readjusting lifestyles often means creating and maintaining new, more meaningful relationships.

These are the many things that life coaches can do for clients. But there's one thing life coaches don't do.

Life coaches are not therapists. Let's look at this topic more closely.

Life Coach or Therapist?

A life coach and a therapist have a fundamental difference. It is very obvious when you stop and think about it.

Therapy helps you to rebuild your life by looking at your past. They will help you work through your past problems. These could be trauma or broken relationships. They can help you to rebuild or accept them as they are.

Coaching is about being who you are, and helping you to achieve your future goals. Coaching is about your future and unleashing your potential.

You shouldn't mix the two. If you believe that clients are looking for coaching rather than therapy, you should tell them to seek out certified therapists.

Want to Be a Life Coach?

It's a simple concept, but it is worth thinking about. Look back on your life and remember certain moments.

Do you have the reputation of being the person your friends call when they need help? Are you someone who enjoys listening to the problems of others and telling them what you can do?

Are you passionate about helping people make positive changes in their lives by using your strategies? You might be a life coach if you love helping people. What are the requirements to be a life coach?

These are the skills you'll need to be a life coach.


Communication skills are essential for coaches. Your clients must feel comfortable with you. You will be a friend to your clients if you can build and maintain this relationship.

You will also develop a trust that will be irreplaceable and will prove to be extremely valuable over the course of time.

Telling it Like it Is

Your job as a coach is to make sure your clients are treated with respect. You will have to hold your clients accountable if they don't follow your instructions.

They don't hire you to mollycoddle their children. They are serious about their transformation by hiring you. To show respect for their commitment, you should tell it like it is.

It is your responsibility to help your clients get back on track when they stray from the path you have set.


Studies show that the average listener retains 50 percent of an oral presentation after just 10 minutes.

Listening is a very important skill.

It is essential that coaches master listening. Listening to your clients will show that you care about their dreams and goals.

You have clients who are available to you in order to help them make sense of their lives. Your coaching can help them be more accountable or give them steps to follow.

Clients won't invest in coaching if they don't get the clarity they need.

Life Coach Certification: Is it Necessary?

You don't need to have any certification if you're certain that you want life coaching. If you're interested, you can start right away.

However, obtaining a certification as a life coach can help you build credibility and understand the business.

Understanding the business is not enough. Execution is what matters when it comes to business development.

Date Posted: 6th December, 2021


Written by: Terry Didcott