Emotional Attraction: The Law of Attracting What You Feel

While a lot of people are using the Law of Attraction to bring things into their life that they want, you are more likely to attract what you feel emotionally than what you merely think.

It doesn't seem to matter how much repetition of affirmations and mantras you go through, when the thing you desire is not manifesting in your life, more needs to be done.

While you need to start somewhere and getting an image in your mind of what you want and then asking for it is the first step, you need to take more steps to really get the emotional attraction side of thing working.

emotional attractionThose next steps involve combining the mental image and the thought of what you want with the associated emotion or feeling of actually having what you want right now.

You Have to Feel It

When you are learning the many aspects of the Law of Attraction, you discover that it is all about setting up an attractive force between you and the thing you desire.

You need to start setting the wheels in motion to bring that certain thing into your life by getting that picture on the screen of your mind or in your thoughts of having that thing.

It has to be in the "now" or right in this moment.

That much I think most people got from the book and movie, "The Secret." That will set events in motion inside your mind.

Speak the Right Language

However, to communicate that mental image and desire with the universe, or infinite intelligence, you need to speak the language that it understands.

The overwhelming evidence is that the right language is emotional rather than just linguistic.

In short, if you can feel what you want is in your possession right now, then your line of communication is open and the message is being received.

How Do You Feel It?

At first glance, it might seem strange to need to ask how to feel your desire. Yet this step of the process seems to derail most people trying to get the Law of Attraction working in their lives.

While not exactly easy, it is certainly doable to picture the thing desired in your mind and to generate and repeat a realistic affirmation to say over and over. But creating a strong emotional link with that image takes more mental effort than many are prepared to invest.

Perhaps it's not that people just don't want to put in the extra effort to manifest something in their lives. Of course they want to do what is necessary to achieve manifestation.

Affirmations and Imagery Not Enough

It could be that a lot of people simply don't realize that step is the real power to this process and maybe believe that affirmations and mental imagery is enough.

Unfortunately, it is not enough, as the many failures to manifest will attest.

This is in part thanks to the pre-programmed nature of the subconscious mind, which is effectively running the show 95% of every day. The programs that are in there are in the main not of your making, either. They were put there in your early years by other people.

That has created a bery strong barrier to getting what you want, because the paradigms locked in the subconscious will be the result of your childhood environment and who was around you, teaching and mentoring you back then. For most of us, that education was in lack, limitation and negativity.

The only effective way to re-program the subconscious is to replace the old, negative paradigms with new, positive ones. You can do that by first cleaning the mind of all past negativity, then using self-hypnotic suggestion in the form of affirmations that are repeated many times while you are in the theta brainwave state.

That is the state you drift into just before you fall asleep, or a state that can be engineered by a hypnotist as you enter the hypnotic state.

This is where the power of words meets the added power of imagery (visualization), emotional attachment and repetitiveness.

The Power of Imagination

You get the feeling part of the equation working by continuing to use your imagination to literally imagine how you are feeling as you hold that object in your hand, for instance.

The imagination is a powerful tool.

It can make us feel the way we ought to feel when a certain mental image becomes so overwhelming that we trick out mind into believing it is really happening right now. Then you feel it all right!

Why Is Feeling Something So Important?

Now we're creeping into the grey area of this still not fully understood law.

By taking what we can glean from ancient texts such as certain passages in the Bible that have revealed the existence of the Law of Attraction, we are fairly certain that it is necessary to specify a desired thing accurately, then believe that you have already received it to set up the attractive force that will being it to you.

The Power of Faith

A part of what will make that belief appear real to us and also to whatever is at the other end of the line of communication is to also experience the emotion associated with possessing the object of your desire.

This is an example of the power of faith when it is used for our good.

After all, by way of an example, you would have trouble believing that you have just taken delivery of that new car if you didn't feel the excitement, exhilaration and gratitude that you would feel if it were actually sitting on your drive right there, right now!

Similarly, you would find it difficult to believe you had awakened the millionaire in you by amassing a small fortune if you didn't feel the dizzy astonishment that you would experience if you were looking at your current, very impressive bank balance!


By mixing the appropriate emotion with the thought and desire for a certain object or circumstance that you want to manifest in your life and focusing your attention on it, you are speaking the language that the provider of whatever it is can understand.

Invoking the Law of Attraction is much more than merely wishing, dreaming or begging for something and hoping to think it into existence. You have to invest all of your mental and emotional power into manifesting what you want as well as investing some form of action to bring it into existence in your life.

When you can power up your emotional attraction ability with sufficient feeling, visualization and faith in its materialization, you can attract what you want by attracting what you feel as well as what you desire.


Written by: Terry Didcott