When to Act on a Hunch

Some of the most successful people on the planet know when to act on a hunch and turn what many view as nothing into something substantial that often turns out to be highly profitable.

For most people however, a hunch is often viewed as a minor thought form that doesn't merit any kind of investigation or time spent on considering its possibilities.

What I've learned over the years is that to ignore a hunch is to miss out on a potential idea that could certainly bear fruit.

Therefore, personally, I always give a hunch some thought and deliberation, which is basically acting on it mentally before it takes shape in the physical world.

What is a Hunch?

If you're not sure what I'm talking about, a hunch is something that comes to the forefront of a person's awareness either in a thought form or a feeling.

when to act on a hunchIt is usually something that nags at the consciousness enough to get a person's attention.

Once it has that person's attention, they have the opportunity to explore what they have.

When a hunch appears as a thought or an idea, it is usually easier to decipher and figure out what it is or means in order to take some kind of action.

When it appears as a feeling, it can be harder to determine what it is or why it has manifest.

A hunch can appear as a nagging feeling as you're driving along the road, a kind of sixth sense that wants you to take the next turn and find an alternate route. It could be telling you there is an obstruction up ahead and you'd have a better chance of reaching your destination on time by making a route change.

Another way a hunch finds its way into our consciousness can be an idea forming in our mind. Perhaps you've been pondering a problem that seems to have no solution when out of the blue, you get this idea that's completely different from anything you've considered so far and that might be worth exploring.

Deciphering a Hunch

As a thought form, a hunch is usually easy enough to understand. It's meaning is often clear enough to be able to determine what to do with it.

The more ethereal feeling kind of hunch can be a little more difficult to decode. It may be a form of warning that whatever it is you're doing, you should probably stop and do something else.

It could be an unconscious message that you need to change an aspect of your lifestyle. Perhaps you're a smoker and it's telling you that now is the time to quit before your health takes a turn for the worse.

Or it could be a nagging feeling in your stomach that is trying to warn you off making a purchase of an expensive item that might lead to financial consequences down the line.

A good rule of thumb in such a case is to take notice of the feeling and consider it a warning that whatever you're about to do may not be in your best interests.

The Positive Side to Hunches

On a positive note, a hunch can take the form of an idea that may at first appear fleeting, but that with some thought may take a more solid form that you can take a step further.

Many million dollar ventures started life as an idea that came to a person in the form of a hunch.

Many great inventions came about thanks to their creator taking action on the kind of hunch that most people would have ignored.

Of themselves, hunches don't usually possess enough inspiration to get a person to take action on them. The recipient of the hunch needs to be alert to the potential even if at first glance, the idea seems to be of little value.

I personally had a hunch that I should sell up and move to another country. My friends and family thought I was crazy to entertain such an idea, but I knew deep down it was something that I should do.

So I did it anyway.

It turned out to be a good move, even though at first things were tough. They eventually got better to the point where my life developed into a much better place than it had been in my old home.

Is the Law of Attraction Involved in Hunches?

Since my writings tend to have some connection to the New Thought ideas and the Law of Attraction, it would be natural to wonder if there is some kind of tie in with the law and the development of hunches.

I believe there is a connection and it quite likely has a lot to do with frequency and the vibration of energy. Here is my own personal thinking on this:

When we are in a certain mental and emotional state, our mind and body will be vibrating at a certain frequency in harmony with that state. As like energy attracts like energy, we are almost certain to be attracting energy forms in tune with our state.

If that state has a need for something, the universe is sure to connect with that need and to create a solution that is attracted to us. As is often the case, the means for communicating that solution is harmonic frequency in tune with us.

The Possibilities

The way our brain and heart connection can most easily receive the solution is via an energy form. That form will be deciphered as a thought or feeling, depending on which neurological center most readily picks up the transmission.

The heart will receive it as a feeling, while the brain will receive it as a thought form.

Either way, we will receive the transmission. It is whether we can interpret it or not that counts.

Unfortunately, I believe that we still lack the right configuration of the most receptive and sensitive equipment for receiving these ethereal messages from the universal energy source. What is this, you may well ask?

I am aware of the current revelation put forward by Gregg Braden of the need for harmonizing the heart and brain centres. This information is highlighted in the Gospel of Thomas from the Dead Sea Scrolls and informs us that (paraphrased) ″When the two become one, we can say to the mountain 'move,' and the mountain will move.″

I also believe there is more to this than meets the eye.

I feel that this connection (that we should have but are yet to fully realize) is key to communicating with the ″Source″ or what some call ″the Universe″ and others call their God.

If we can fully harmonize the neural networks of our heart and brain, perhaps that will form the fully operation organic equipment necessary to not only communicate with the source, but with each other and all of creation – essentially becoming one with nature.

Our hunches will be transformed from fleeting ideas or strange feelings into solid, understandable messages that we can and should act on.


This article started innocently enough, by providing my own opinion on when a person should act on a hunch.

By giving the subject some deep thought, I appear to have connected a fairly simple circumstance with a rather complex one, somehow picking up on my own hunch that hunches are more important than we are aware and that they are meant to be acted on.

Our only problem is that we are not yet ready to fully translate these hunches into the actionable messages that we are really receiving, just with incomplete equipment.

A gifted few have (and still are) interpreted their ideas and actioned them into beneficial physical entities that have brought their creators great wealth, better health, fame or satisfaction.

Until we are ready and able to upgrade our internal receivers, we should listen to our hunches and act on them every time. Even if they are just telling us that we should get out of bed when the alarm goes off and not turn over and go back to sleep!

Date Posted: 24th July, 2022


Written by: Terry Didcott