The Law of Vibration

While people tend to focus on the law of attraction, it is the secondary Law of Vibration that underpins this fascinating concept and gives us verifiable data that scientists can measure.

According to the law of vibration, everything (atoms, objects and living things) vibrates at a certain frequency since everything is in constant motion.

Frequency refers to the rate or speed at which an object vibrates. The only thing that differs between objects is its rate of of vibration

Energy, Frequency and Vibration

This frequency can be described as vibrational energy. The energy of a person, a space or group of people is not something you can touch or see, but it is something you feel, sense and react to.

This law's concept is that each person has a particular vibrational frequency depending on their current state and that frequency can change.

We can also learn how to adjust and raise our vibration when we are in low vibrational situations. You will see the effects of your energy on your whole experience if you are more attuned to it.

Using the Law of Vibration

There are a number of ways to make use of this law, as you'll see below.

It is an important factor to be aware of when taking a law of attraction certification program to better understand the process.


To manifest a thing, it is important to first match your vibration to the thing desired.

It is possible to only attract energy that matches your energy. You can only attract vibrations that are in harmony with your vibration.

Imagine you desire to create more wealth but constantly think of how much more you need. Your thoughts are also vibratory energy.

It is also important to be very specific about what it is you wish to manifest, because every thought has a precise frequency. Be careful what you wish for!

For example, the innocent-seeming thought, "I need more cash" creates a lack-based vibration that could bring you more of that "lack" instead of more money. This is a kind of self-fulfilling prophecy.

We all have the ability, through our thoughts, emotions and where we place our attention to control the frequency of our being.

Navigating Situations

This universal law can be used to help you determine how you feel about a situation or circumstance at any time.

It's easy to recognize high vibrational things, such as people, places, or attitudes that feel connected, healthy, and excited.

Managing Emotions

Working with this law can also help you navigate emotions, since they each have their own vibrational frequencies.

Emotions can be powerful guides that help us to achieve a higher and more balanced state due to the influence of emotional attraction.

They can range from very low frequency (fear, shame, etc.) to very high frequency ("joy and love”).

There are no truly bad feelings. Emotional ups and downs such as happiness and joy or anxiety and stress are all just energy moving through us that wants to go forward.

The law of vibration allows us to acknowledge that we may be moving through heavy emotions so that we can release them and return to a higher frequency.

Raising Your Vibration

There are a number of ways that we can raise our vibration when we notice that it has dropped and we don't feel so great.

Self Care

The regular practise of self-care can increase your vibration, which will allow you to be more present in the world.

The idea of self-care can be different for everyone. For some it could be getting out into nature, for others, it could be a ritual weekly bath, writing a journal, exercising, yoga or Tai Chi, for example.

When you take care of yourself properly, your vibration with match how you feel.

Nourishment for the Body

You can raise your vibration by nourishing your body with high-vibrational food and a regular exercise routine.

As you may have noticed, eating processed, additive-laden unhealthy food can reduce our energy levels.

On the contrary, healthy, whole foods can make us feel energetically lighter and less bloated.

Similar to the previous, if we don't exercise enough, we can feel sluggish. However, a good workout can give us energy and help us feel more awake.

Do What Feels Good

Focusing on daily activities that are good for you and your vibration will help you build a foundation of alignment and raise your vibration is one of the best ways to do this.

This will be different for everyone. However, it's best to always focus on joy, love and peace. These vibrations can help you feel happier and healthier.


Our energetic frequency or vibration is primarily driven by emotions.

Meditation can help us to manage emotions, let go of past hurt feelings and increase our vibration. There are many types of meditation, so try them all and find the one that suits you best.

Avoid Low Vibrational States

Do not underestimate the impact of the outside world or the environment you live in on your vibration.

You have the power to hold your vibration steady no matter what outside influences, if you work with the law of vibration. However, it takes a good measure of learning and practice to become proficient at it.

This can be difficult or challenging for those who are not familiar with the concept or those that are particularly sensitive.

It is, not surprisingly impossible to completely eliminate low-vibrational circumstances from your life.

However, it is possible to avoid people, places and things that drain your energy. This can help you maintain the high frequency you have been working on.


The law of vibration teaches us that energy is everything and we can match energy to create whatever we want.

Working with this law can help us better understand how the law of attraction works and to live a more harmonious and abundant life.

Date Posted: 16th November, 2021


Written by: Terry Didcott