Expectation: The Realisation of a Desire Received

A major aspect of making the law of attraction work for you is in your expectation of a positive outcome or result of action associated with a desired objective.

In short, in order to bring your desire into reality it is of vital importance that you fully expect to receive that which you so earnestly want to possess.

In this article, I will expand on this concept, explaining its importance and showing how the power of expectation can be incorporated into your process of instigating the law of attraction.

What is Expectation?

According to dictionary definitions, expectation is the certain belief that something that you want to happen will happen, or a desired object will come into existence in a certain way.

In the sense of using this to your advantage in tandem with the absorption, invocation and practice of the law of attraction, fully expecting an outcome with complete faith will greatly increase the certainty of its manifestation.

expectationIf you want to experience it for yourself, simply go to the store and buy your favourite treat. For me, it would probably be a certain chocolate bar, but you choose whatever you really love.

Take it home, sit down in your favourite chair and slowly unwrap that treat. Your expectation is of eating and enjoying that treat.

Even though the path to that outcome is already in motion, this is a real example of expectation leading to the realisation and fulfilment of a desire. The enjoyment of that treat!

How to Use Expectation to Your Advantage

This is a process that shouldn't need too much explanation, since it is a natural human experience.

However, it often happens that when we really want something, we derail its appearance. We do that by introducing doubt into our intention, thereby nullifying any expectancy we may have been propagating.

Since doubt is the enemy of expectancy, in order to strengthen our resolve, we must do our utmost to squelch any doubt that might try to creep into our mind. Doubting automatically creates a negative frequency that will block the miraculous manifestation of our desire.

Thus, to use the power of expectation to manifest our desire, we must focus our energy on believing that the thing we desire is already in our possession. It means placing our attention squarely on the positive outcome to create the right circumstances for a positive outcome.

That persistent belief initiates implied expectancy, since believing we already have what we want takes us to the farthest point along the expectancy road.

Advantages and Disadvantages (Pros and Cons)

There are endless advantages to making use of the ability to completely and wholeheartedly expect something desired to find its way into your life. There are also disadvantages, as I will cover in the chapters below:

Advantages to Expect (Pros)

Where shall I begin? To be able to fully embrace an expectant mindset and use it to generate hard physical evidence of its effectiveness is to figuratively hold the whole world in your hands!

Here are a few real world examples:

Expecting to land your dream job: When you get that feeling inside that you just know the job is yours and in no time at all, you get the phone call confirming your amazing good fortune.

Expecting to reach the summit of a mountain you're climbing: That feeling of incredible elation at reaching one of your greatest achievements when you indeed make it to the top.

Expecting to get a date with a really great looking person you just saw across a crowded room: How uplifting it feels to have that person not only notice you back, but smile and come over to talk to you. Finding you have a lot in common, you really like each other and in short order the all-important first date is mutually agreed on.

As long as you take action in accordance with manifesting your desire, engaging in mental expectation of its appearance strengthens the energetic attraction of you to it and it to you.

Disadvantages to Expect (Cons)

On the flip side, despite all the good that can come from mastering the ability to expect great things to happen, there can be down sides.

Most notably the inadvertent misuse of the ability by expecting something bad to happen and it absolutely does. Take these real world examples:

Driving to town for a meeting, but you know deep down that finding a parking space will be almost impossible: Et viola! You arrive at your destination and every available parking space is taken.

Dreading the arrival of a tax demand you know you can't afford to pay: As sure as night follows day, that tax demand will show up and it will indeed be colossal.

Planning a family get-together at an outdoor venue but dreading that the weather will be bad: All week leading up to the event the weather is fine, but on the day of the event, as if by magic storm clouds gather and down pours the rain.

Expecting the Worst: Mitigating the Damage

It strikes me as unfortunate that what is often described as normal human behaviour drives us to expect the worst in many situations. Yet so many of us do exactly that!

What can we do when expecting a worse result than we'd prefer for any given event that in turn leads us to experience an unwanted experience?

The reality is that once the wheels of fate have been set in motion by our negative expectancy of impending disaster, it is difficult to turn things around. What will be will be, as is often said.

However, that doesn't mean you have to succumb to fate's apparently wicked sense of humour and accept what's coming as inevitable. Lucky for us humans, we have been gifted with this miraculous organic supercomputer inside our heads that has the ability to change its intended direction at the drop of a hat.

All we have to do is change our thinking pattern to change the direction of what happens next and reprogram our mind for success.

Let's take one of the above examples and turn it around. While the weather can be a crap shoot and be out of our hands, we can control how we approach an event we're expecting.

Some forward planning for an outdoor event could and should involve a contingency plan, such as renting a venue with an alternative covered area that can be used if it rains. While this takes us into the realms of normality and sets aside the rather unscientific, thought-induced intervention, a contingent plan should always be prepared for, thus creating the space for the expectancy of a great day to be had by all regardless of what Mother Nature has planned.

It is also possible to literally change your mind. That means instead of expecting the worst to happen, change your thinking to expect the best!

While fervently mentally praying for things to be right can start us off on the right foot, it can take a reasonable amount of consistent expectation of a positive outcome to raise our vibration to match that of the quantum possibility of the expected positive outcome.

As long as this is done ahead of time and you give over as much of your internal, mental monologue as possible to how wonderful and amazing the event is (in now-time, that is), you really can change your frequency to attract the positive outcome instead of the negative.

Make Expectancy All About Now

There is a massive gold nugget buried in the previous paragraph. It is one that you should use all the time to really up-regulate the power of your positive outcome attraction.

That nugget involves placing your expectancy thoughts into the present time. Do this as if you have expected your positive outcome and it is now in your possession.

You can use internal phrasing like:

  • It is just as I expected
  • I knew it would turn out like this
  • I expected it would be a beautiful day

What adds secret sauce to the above ingredients is to inject the feelings you would experience upon receipt of the thing desired.

For instance, if you create the visualisation in your mind of expecting to be the owner of a certain new car, go one step further and feel what it would feel like to unlock the car door, get in and sit in the driver seat. Hold the steering wheel and feel that sensation of elation at having the car of your dreams.

The reason this adds so much power to the law of attraction is that cultivated desire, plus expectation, plus emotion, all adds up to a massive surge of energy transmitted to the universe that must be answered in similar fashion.


When you practice feeling expectant that a certain desire has already been fulfilled and feel how amazing it feels right now, you set into motion a realigning of cosmic energies in your favour.

The law of attraction is real and is in operation at all times, regardless of whether you are consciously interacting with it or not. To get you through those times when it is not being interacted with, you should ensure that you put as much effort as possible into the times you are interacting with it.

After all, what you put out there comes back in kind!

Last Updated: 31st March, 2023


Written by: Terry Didcott