Train to Become a Law of Attraction Practitioner

Are you convinced wholeheartedly of the reality and power of the law of attraction? Do you want to teach what you know to others so they can benefit from your knowledge?

lecture roomWell you can if you choose to. There are some options available to you for doing this and it is these that I will cover in this article that will help you to spread the word about this subject you are enthusiastic and excited about.

Word of Mouth

The first and easiest of these is simply to talk to as many friends and acquaintances as you can about it and explain to them what this incredible Law is all about. You may find that not everyone you speak to will share your enthusiasm for this subject, but there will be others who will.

The toughest part of spreading the word in this way is that you will only reach a small number of people and of those, only a small percentage will really benefit from what you're telling them. That's mainly because while people like to hear about new, interesting things, they don't always want to take them on board and go with them if the information is coming from a lay person.

That's not to say you are not extremely knowledgeable about the subject or you don't have a very good way of presenting it. You may have absorbed enough knowledge to be an expert and have excellent presentations skills.

However, when you are attempting to teach your subject of expertise to others without any kind of certification, many will not take you seriously. Yet they would be more inclined to take you seriously if you had a verifiable certification.

Become a Certified Law of Attraction Practitioner

The most effective way to pas on your knowledge and enthusiasm for this miraculous Law of nature to the greatest number of people is to gain a recognized and widely accepted practitioner certification. One of the best ways you can do that is to take a home study course by one of the most recognizable experts in the field of the Law of Attraction, Joe Vitale.

Joe was featured in the hit movie and book "The Secret" which was watched and read by millions of people worldwide. Joe's name is synonymous with the Law and his own training certification course is the one that will open doors for you that will enable you to teach the Law to groups of people at seminars and lectures.

The Program Review

You can read my review of Joe Vitale's Law of Attraction practitioner certification program by clicking that link to the page where the article is published on right here in this website. There you will discover just what a compelling and necessary step it is to take if you are going to come across as a true expert in your field.

Moreover, you will have the paperwork to back you when you stand up in front of people and deliver the kind of presentation I'm sure you are capable of delivering. People respect a certification especially when it bears the name of a well known and respected expert like Joe Vitale who has a proven track record as an authority on this amazingly attractive Law itself.

Tips on Being Heard

giving a lecture on the law of attractionBefore I conclude this article, it might be a good idea to provide some useful tips on getting the message across to people who are likely going to attend your own lectures once you get up and running with your own professional qualification backing you up.

Standing in front of people, whether it's a small group or a large crowd takes a fair dose of confidence and while you will gain plenty of that as you become more experienced, it can sometimes seem pretty daunting when you first start out.

Here are six simple techniques you can use to help boost your own confidence in public speaking:

  1. Be prepared. When you go out there and stand in front of people you want to be absolutely sure you have everything you need to deliver the best presentation that you can. By making sure you have prepared everything in advance, you not only ensure you will give a professional delivery, but you will feel more confident because you know everything is in place.
  2. Believe in yourself. Self belief is one of the major factors in convincing an audience that they should believe what you're telling them. When you are up in front of a room full of people and you naturally exude confidence in what you are teaching, your credibility rating is as high as it can be.
  3. Study and emulate the pros. Prepare yourself by studying the delivery of some well known and respected presenters to see how they do it. Then incorporate some of the best features that resonate with you into your own presentation.
  4. Practice makes perfect. Rehearse your presentation over and over until you have it down pat and perfectly polished. A slick delivery of a presentation will ensure the audience hangs on your every word and afterwards, they go away feeling like they have gotten their money's worth.
  5. Engage and include the audience. An audience is always more receptive to what you're telling them when you get them involved. Every now and again, go ahead and ask a member of the audience close to you a question relevant to what you're talking about and get them to answer you. People like to feel a part of things and will be much more receptive to you when they feel they are participating rather than just being lectured to.
  6. Enjoy yourself. It may at first sound like a strange thing to do, but when you are standing out there and you are enjoying what you are doing, that good vibration is transmitted to the audience and they will enjoy your presentation all the more.

To Conclude

Presenting a lecture to any size of audience can be an enjoyable and fulfilling experience when you do it in such a way that that audience feels like they are involved and important and are receiving a good vibration of energy from you. You transmit that good vibration when you are in a good state of vibration and you get there by being ready, happy and confident in yourself!

Do take a look at Joe's certification course which you can learn all about by reading my LoA coaching certification program review (see the link above) and seriously consider it as an adjunct to your knowledge and expertise in this fascinating and engaging subject.


Written by: Terry Didcott