Stay Calm to Manifest Your Desires

One of the most important precursors to manifestation is the ability to remain calm and not allow stress to interfere with this delicate process.

Chronic stress is a major block to achieving anything good in this life, so learning to eliminate it is paramount to success.

I know that many people lead stressful lives, thanks to:

  • Working high pressure jobs
  • Suffering the intense commute to and from those jobs
  • Having a problematic family situation at home
  • Having little or no time to relax
  • Suffering disturbed or fitful sleep, leaving you tired and fatigued during the day

With some or even all of the above being detrimental to us each day, it can seem almost impossible to find time to truly relax and de-stress.

stay calm to manifest your desiresDon't let that deter you from trying!

How to Relax in a Stressful World

While everything around you seems to be going crazy, it is actually possible to calm yourself down and create your own little pocket of serenity.

Learning to breathe correctly can mean the difference between calm clarity and tense incomprehensibility and mental blockages!

The simplest technique is to breathe in through the nose as deeply and slowly as you can, hold it momentarily, then let it out through your mouth slowly. If you count each in and out breath, the in breath should be a little shorter than the out breath.

I generally aim for a count of 8 in and 10 out, but you can do whatever feels right for you.

This mode of breathing sends a signal to your brain that you are not in danger and that you can turn down the panic dial and turn up the rest and relaxation dial. You body then relaxes and lets go of stress.

In psychological speak, you exit the fight or flight response mode of the sympathetic nervous system and enter the rest and repair mode of the parasympathetic nervous system.

In this state, your mental activity becomes productive and clear, enabling you to manifest abundant money, good health, wonderful relationships or anything you set your mind on because you are not hampered by an external environment that is attempting to de-rail your good.

Why We Are So Stressed

You are probably wondering why you are even in this state of stress, or ″fight or flight″ that has got you so tense and agitated.

Many studies have revealed that we possess two major governing states of being that hark back to our ancient ancestors that roamed the earth hunting for food and trying to survive. The ″fight or flight″ or sympathetic nervous system and the parasympathetic nervous system.

The former is activated whenever we are in danger. It's job is to keep us alive at all costs, so it channels most of our reserves of energy to the extremities (arms and legs) so that we can fight off or run away from a predator in order to stay alive.

In the process, it shuts down what are considered non-essential bodily functions, such as digestion, the immune system and the body's internal repair system. They're not essential because if we can't escape or fight off a predator, they won't be any use to us anyway, because we'd be dead!

Some Things Do Not Matter

An important point is that in this mode, the body is not fighting off infection or disease. Nor is it bothered to repair damaged cells, repair muscle tissue or even digest any food that we had eaten prior to the danger alert.

Our spatial awareness, senses and muscle co-ordination are heightened to enable us to best defend ourselves physically or to run to a safe place, perhaps climb a tree or whatever we can do to escape with our lives.

Another important point here is that as soon as we have escaped the danger, our natural response is to slow our breathing and return to a calm state.

At this point, we are no longer in stress. The parasympathetic nervous system takes over, allowing us to:

  • Begin the healing process in case we were inflicted with any wounds
  • Restart the immune system to fight any infection we may have sustained
  • Repair our muscles that would have been stretched to the limit to facilitate our escape
  • Restart the digestion process so that we can turn the protein building blocks in the food into new body tissue

It's Programmed Into Us

This is how us humans are supposed to be. Stress is there to keep us alive when necessary, but when it is not necessary, there is no stress.

This is the program that's running in our subconscious and because it's hard-wired, we can't change it. But we can work with it.

Come back to the present and life is very different from the dangers and inconsistencies our ancestors faced daily.

We get stressed not because we are coming face to face with ferocious predators. It's because we are tricked into believing an angry boss shouting at us, a co-worker giving us a hard time, an idiot driver cutting us out of traffic, missing our train or bus or whatever, is a form of danger we need to swing into action to face.

Unfortunately, our modern way of life prevents us from running away from that angry boss, or turning to fight that idiot driver that just stole the parking spot we were lining up for. We go into fight or flight mode, but cannot take the physical action it prepares us for.

We can't escape or fight back, so we don't get to stop and take a breather to relax.

We become effectively trapped in fight or flight mode all day long, not knowing why we feel this way or now to get out of it. This carries on after we go to bed as our mental activity replays the most upsetting scenarios of the day, effectively keeping the sympathetic nervous system active because the mind cannot distinguish between what's real and what's imagined!

This is called chronic stress. It is stress that doesn't go away because many of us don't know how to turn it off!

Turning Off Stress

The situation we need to be aiming for is to turn off the stress mode and get relaxed.

I already mentioned learning to breathe properly can work wonders in this pursuit. This is probably our best first-line response that we can work with no matter what situation we find ourselves in.

There is more that we can do, however.

For sure, if your boss is screaming at you for something your did wrong, you can't just turn and run away or grab a chair and brain him with it. That would undoubtedly get you out of stress mode, but would bring more of the same down the line when you face getting the sack, or even prison time!

However, you can control your breathing, even in the worst, most stressful situation. If you have to stand there and take it, you get to choose whether you get angry and fight back, become terrified and burst into tears, or start controlling your breathing to slow down your heart-rate and create a feeling of calm all over.

Incidentally, one good side-effect of taking control of your breathing will also bring much greater mental clarity. This could potentially provide you with a lightning-fast mental response enabling you to deliver a positive argument calmly that could turn things around for you in the moment.


The main purpose of breath control is of course is to remove the stress and restore inner calmness for your benefit and no one else's.

In a calm state, you can begin to think things into actual existence and manifest all kinds of ideas and intuitive hunches that can be used to improve your present situation in any number of ways.

Date Posted: 11th August, 2023

Written by: Terry Didcott