Joe Vitale Law of Attraction Practitioner Certification Review

This is why reading my review of Joe Vitale's Law of Attraction practitioner certification course will make you better informed to decide if you want this program or not.

You saw "The Secret" movie and/or read the book, so you understand the Law of Attraction and you want to go one step further.

This course is designed to provide you with the tools to learn how to not only make the best use of this amazing law, but to teach others how to use it as well.

joe vitale the secretI'm quite sure you're interested to discover what this program is all about and how can it be of use to you. Is that right?

Well, in a nutshell it teaches you how to bring this wondrous message of attracting the life you want (that you are now absolutely in love with) and deliver it to a wider audience as a fully certified trainer or coach.

Let's take a look at what it entails and how it can be a great asset to you in your life.

What is the Law of Attraction Certification Course?

It is a full program of graduate training that will, upon completion and certification, elevate you to the level where you can teach the amazing knowledge it contains to students. With valuable instruction from its creators:

  • Top selling author and life laws practitioner
    Dr. Joe Vitale, featured in the movie: "The Secret"
  • Dr. Steve G. Jones, NLP expert and author can learn how to teach others the many benefits of understanding and using this incredible yet very real edict in their lives.

It is presented in a series of five digital text books that you can download to your computer, laptop or tablet and read at your own pace. In fact this coaching course can be completed in as little as three weeks or at a more leisurely pace over a whole year if necessary.

That means you have complete freedom to take the course at your own pace, in your own time and when you decide to.

What You Will Learn

You will be coached in the full definition, concept and practical application of this Law by two of the most eminent teachers in the field through their digital training manuals.

law of attraction certification courseYou will literally learn how this incredible law really works in our lives and how to harness its power to make massive improvements in your own life and the lives of others you choose to share your new-found knowledge with.

Additionally, you will learn how to effortlessly attract all wealth to you while teaching others to achieve the same.

You will also learn about the unconscious obstacles we place in the way of wealth coming to us and how to bypass those obstacles to create a clear and unobstructed path that wealth can follow on its way into our lives.

The culmination of the course will see you being certified by the prestigious "Global Sciences Foundation." This Law of Attraction certification is accepted worldwide and enables you to teach and practice the mechanics, concepts and precepts that are involved in the Law of Attraction as a qualified coach, instructor and mentor.

You will also receive a certificate via email that you can print out yourself and then frame and display in your office or home. The certificate will contain your name, title (which is "Certified Law of Attraction Practitioner") and certification number.

How to Enrol in the Program

Enrolling is easy. All you need to do is click on the prominent link below to navigate to the official training website where you will find an enrol button. Clicking that will take you to the payment page where you can enter your credit card details and pay the one-time enrolment fee of just $47.

PS: This is an excellent training course for introducing people of all levels and from all walks of life to this amazing facet of life which has remained one of the best kept secrets to remain in plain sight of modern times.

If you are truly interested in knowing more about this Law and using it to vastly improve your life, then you will really want to get started on this course as soon as you can!

Once payment has been accepted, you will be presented with a download link which you need to use to download the digital manuals onto your computer. Upon receipt of your manuals, you can get started right away.

The manuals come in pdf format for easy reading and fast download. You will need a pdf reader, but you'll find most modern computers and laptops come with the Adobe Acrobat reader pre-installed and ready to use.

How Real Is This Law?

how real is the law of attractionIf you've ever wondered about the realistic effectiveness of this concept of mentally activated attractive force, the only absolute way of knowing for sure for yourself is to try it.

The problem most people have when they think about trying this for themselves is they expect more than it can provide.

Easily the vast majority of people who watched The Secret saw the amazing promises that the program made but didn't think past the face value of what they were seeing.

Most saw that if you could visualize something you wanted in your mind, such as thinking yourself healthy, then you'd get it in the real world without any other actions.

Did you think that too? If you did, don't worry because you are not alone.

It is very common to be told you can have some virtually for nothing and believe it can happen that way. Of course, when you tried it and nothing happened, you gave up believing that it was just another form of snake oil or trick!

There is Much More To It

But don't lose heart so fast. You weren't doing anything wrong in trying to get what you wanted by visualizing it.

You just didn't understand the full process that goes on when you invoke the Law for attracting your own good into your of attraction certification

To fully understand how the law of attraction works, you need to understand what the law of vibration is and how it interacts with the way we attract or repel the things we desire.

There is a lot more to truly understanding and applying this law than is told in the movie or book. It takes more study and a great deal of repetitive study to finally get this concept.

It's not enough to just "know" it. You have to "understand" it.

Understanding takes much more work than simply knowing. That's because anyone can read a passage in a book and memorize it word for word and think that because they learned it and can repeat it, they've got it.

But that's not necessarily so. Gaining a really deep and meaningful understanding of a concept as huge as this attractive law can take a great deal of study, repetition and persistence before it really sinks in.

This course, that has been put together by motivational speaker and inspirational life laws practitioner Dr. Joe Vitale (in corroberation with NLP guru Dr. Steve G. Jones), will help you to gain the true understanding part of the equation part.

It's the part that you need to have before you can really use this law to your advantage.

If you're serious about moving your life forward in great leaps and bounds and having the life you choose to have rather than one that has been chosen for you, then you should get this course and start studying it right now.

Program Update

A few years ago, the program was updated and improved and a new format was released for purchase. Throughout that time, Dr. Joe Vitale and Dr Steve Jones had been busy making the changes that they believed most people wanted to see and learn from the course.

What is this exciting new development?

Law of Attraction Wealth Practitioner

Steve and Joe got together and decided that one of the biggest "attractions" of the Law of Attraction itself is the way it can be harnessed to improve a person's financial situation and generate wealth through the power of thought.

Most importantly, it is vital to understand how this can be done without violating other natural laws and bring benefits to all involved without encroaching on the rights of others.

With financial security in our civilization, a person can lead a more fulfilling and enjoyable lifestyle without the fear that lack of money brings to so many. By understanding how this can be achieved by using this law in the way it is meant to be used, your life can be fulfilling, wonderful and complete.

Including Financial Benefits

To bring this course to people that want this information as well as all the other benefits that come from a fuller and comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the process, a new course comes with more information and emphasis on how to bring financial stability and abundance into your life.

It was initially released to supersede the popular basic practitioner of the Law of Attraction certification training course. However, it seems people like and want the original product, which has been retained and is available as always through the promotional link above.

Note: It is still possible to get the new "wealth" oriented version of the course as an addition to the basic course, along with an additional advanced course. These are offered as add-ons when you purchase the basic training course, extending the material and enabling a keen student to take their knowledge and skills to an even higher level.

Now let's take a look at what it means to be a law of attraction coach, tutor, or mentor.

What is a Law of Attraction Coach?

A Law of Attraction coach is a person that is well versed in the workings of the law and has trained to provide coaching and tuition to others.

The main focus of law of attraction coaches is to help their clients work with their vibrational energy to create a better life for themselves. They teach people how to manage that energy and direct it in the right direction for personal growth to occur.

These new skills include manifestation of certain desires from money/wealth to happy relationships, to better health and overall happiness. This is possible when limiting beliefs are recognized and dealt with under the supervision of the coach.

Being a motivational person helps when becoming a life coach for the law of attraction. That''s because for positive, uplifting people, helping others to raise their vibration is second nature and a useful character trait to be in possession of.

Why Hire a Law of Attraction Coach?

There are many people that want to learn how to how to become proficient in the use of the law of attraction and prefer one to one coaching.

Hiring a coach to train you personally in the teachings of the law of attraction can enhance the learning process. They can make it easier to understand things, especially when there is a real person there to answer your questions.

While it would certainly cost a lot more to work one to one with a tutor, for some the benefits gained from personal training would outweigh the costs.

Personal Connection

Coaches have the opportunity to build a strong relationship with their clients, creating a two-way training experience that benefits the client as well as the tutor.

The client gains more confidence and will find learning much easier when there is someone at hand to provide answers to their questions, which is something that is not possible by reading books or watching training videos.

The coach gains valuable experience with each new client they work with. They are also able to improve their own teaching strategy to cater for the different needs and personalities of their clients.

Good Listeners

You will often find that the best coaches are the best listeners. They take the time to hear what their clients are asking and form empathic connections with them.

This makes it easier to focus on any problems or concerns the client may have, while modifying their teaching methods accordingly. It is a normal human trait to prefer to spend time in the presence of a person who really listens and understands them.

Feeling Secure

In circumstances where a person is learning about personal development, there are often instances where they need to share their deepest feelings and ideas.

A skilled life coach will know how to give their fullest attention to make that person feel safe and comfortable sharing their thoughts, wants and ideas while feeling at ease asking what may feel like awkward questions without being judged.

Experience as a Coach

A good track record and plenty of experience is the aim of all personal development instructors.

This can be achieved over time by growing into the space and always looking for new things to learn. Additionally, constantly working on your personnel skills will pay dividends as you continually get better at coaching and creating a strong bond with your clients.

The power of word of mouth should never be underestimated when acquiring new clients. This makes it all the more important to always give the best you can when coaching a client, as they will likely tell their friends if they had a really good experience with you.

Succeeding with Law of Attraction Certification

One of the main objects of taking the law of attraction certification course is to succeed with it and improve your own life as well as that of others.

Creating that success is naturally achieved through making good use of the course material and gaining the fullest understanding possible. I'd like to highlight some important points that will help you to do that.

Video Review

Below is a short video review of what is contained in this course:

Now you have seen what's involved with this course, I'd like to look at what motivates you to do this course and succeed with it.

What is Your Intention?

Before you can manifest anything, you first need to know exactly what it is that you desire to manifest. In other words, you need to state your intention as to what it is that you want.

The universe acts upon precision and directness to bring about the circumstances that will bring the kind of success you desire. Being inexact or even ambiguous in stating your intended outcome will only create confusion and even chaos in an otherwise ordered universe.

Remember that mixed intentions can bring about mixed results. To get exactly what you want requires you to state your intention exactly.

This requires some attention to just where it is you should be placing your attention.

Where is Your Attention?

Be mindful of what you are habitually placing your fullest attention upon. The aspects of success begin with ensuring that you are focusing your attention on the things that will best bring about your success.

The idea of being sure to "beware false prophets" can be repurposed in ensuring that your attention id not fixed on the things that look good on the surface but that underneath the glossy fa├žade could lurk traps that will bring about failure.

By placing your attention on your precise goal and reinforcing your energy by taking the appropriate action to being it about, you will bring yourself ever closer to that which you desire.

What Action Should You Take?

When you have spend considerable mental effort and no small amount of time on focusing your attention on your intended outcome, there is more to do in order to light the fire under the proverbial pot.

The extra impetus is provided by your taking action to attract a desired outcome.

Whatever that action may be, it needs to be directed in harmony with what it is you want to manifest in your life. The word "action" infers some kind of physical work or production and that is exactly what is needed to create a set of physical circumstances that can cause you desired goal to become a reality.

While physical activity is a necessary component of manifestation, a powerful aspect of the action you should be taking is also mental in form. This is in addition to as well as an aspect of the mental visualisation of your desired goal and takes the form of the expectation of receiving whatever it is that you desire.

Expectation of Receipt

When you firmly believe that you will receive a certain thing that you have already set in motion the circumstances for its materialization, the odds of it appearing are greatly shortened.

It is that firmly believed expectation of receiving that, figuratively speaking, closes the deal.

When you can see yourself in possession of the thing desired (in your mind's eye) and you have fostered a firm belief in that being a reality in the now (the present moment) with absolute expectation of its arrival, the universe moves the necessary form of energy to satisfy the attractive force that you have set up.

As a popular example, watch a cat crouching in the long grass waiting for a mouse to get close enough for it to catch. The cat fully expects to catch the mouse and places all of its energies into patiently waiting for the right moment to strike.

If, for any reason, that cat did not expect to catch its prey, its strike may be millimetres off and the mouse would escape. This rarely happens in nature as the predator is almost always so thoroughly invested in the positive outcome of catching its prey that the prey rarely ever escapes, unless something intervenes to distract the predator at the crucial moment.

When it comes to your success, you have to think like that predator cat and fully expect to catch your "mouse" without any doubt whatsoever. When you have done your utmost to do everything that you can do and all things are aligned correctly, your goal will manifest because you expected it to!


PS: This is a digital, downloadable product that comes with guarantees, including a refund policy if you're not completely satisfied. I want to make something clear. I want to ask you:

"Are you serious about getting this program, learning all it has to teach and then moving forward in your life to take the message to a wider audience, as would be your right?"

Then do the right thing, the right way from the start, which is:

Be grateful for having the chance to own this valuable information and for the chance it gives you to prove yourself by taking and passing the exam to gain your certificate. It is your ticket to become a trainer and coach in these life laws giving you the opportunity to pass on your knowledge and understanding to others.

Attitude of Gratitude

An attitude of gratitude is one of the most powerful emotional states you can be in to empower this law in your life and seize the opportunities that await you!

If on the other hand you're just flippantly considering getting it then asking for a refund (maybe you don't have the desire or motivation to learn from it and take it forward), my advice is DO NOT BUY IT to begin with!

Window shoppers and tire kickers will NEVER benefit from this priceless information. Neither will those that abuse the refund policy to get it, look it over once and then get a refund. Why?

Here's a concise explanation:

Free/Cheap Mindset

There is an energy frequency associated with the concepts of "free" or "cheap". This energy attracts itself to someone in that same frequency of vibration who will only attract more of the same.

By that I mean if you're thinking "free" or "cheap", you'll only attract what is "free" or "cheap" and never experience positive increase to attract and enjoy things of quality and desirability.

Yet this what putting the Law to work in your life is all about. So it makes sense to go for the big win and turn your back on negative, limiting beliefs.

To truly benefit from this product, be prepared and willing to pay in full and be happy and grateful that you made the right choice.

Invest in Yourself

What you're doing by paying in full is investing in yourself by investing in the course. It's an investment that will pay off in spades over the coming years because you made a sound, positive decision to do the right thing for yourself!

We place a much greater value on something we have paid the price to obtain. Psychologically, we have far more incentive to use or work with a product we value highly and thereby obtain much greater value from it in the long run.

On the other hand, we devalue anything that is gotten for free or very cheap and have little or no incentive to make use of it.

Be honest and learn to get into the kind of positive vibration that will attract to you more things to be positive about. If you want this product, cheerfully pay for it and reap what you have sown by receiving full value for your purchase and take it forward to help others and benefit yourself in the process.

This is how the Law works. Get it working in your life the right way!

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Last Updated: 13th June, 2022


Written by: Terry Didcott