Aim for the Stars

In this article I will take a look at the power behind the often used phrase, "aim for the stars" and how it can have a very positive effect on a person's mindset.

There is nothing quite like having a real goal to strive for, no matter what it might be or what it might lead to in your life.

Aim high and aim well and you will hit your target as long as you have the belief in yourself and your abilities and the determination to hit it.

aim for the starsThat may be all well and good for those who have the mental or physical capacity to achieve truly great things, you may well ask, but what about the ordinary person?

How does an ordinary, down to earth kind of person achieve anything like the kind of greatness that only a chosen few seem able to achieve?

What is Ordinary?

The first idea you need to eject forcibly from your mind is the notion that anyone is merely "ordinary" or not worthy of greatness.

Think long and hard about it and you'll realize that every single living being on this planet is far from "ordinary" and is in fact truly amazing. That we are all living, breathing, conscious, imaginative entities is a huge and wondrous realization!

What's even more amazing is that everyone is in possession of the same abilities at birth and it is only how we grow and take our place in our society that determines whether we will use all those incredible faculties or not. Most never use them, believing that they are not as good as others who achieve greater things.

But the truth is that everyone is as good as everyone else. It's just a case of realizing that just a tiny percentage of all people ever set out to achieve anything of merit because only a tiny percentage believe they can!


So it's not so much a case of not being able to do a certain thing, but it's in not believing a certain thing can be done that stops millions of people from ever trying.

Belief is something that we're all born with, but it gets stripped away in layers as we grow up by well meaning adults who really don't know any better. When you were a child, you doubtless asked for certain things or wished you could do certain things but an adult would stop you in your tracks by asking things like,

"How are you going to do that?"


"Where is the money going to come from for you to do that?"

You probably couldn't answer, so sooner or later, you'd just stop asking and the dreams would fade away because you couldn't see how your were ever going to achieve them.

That's not to say they are bad people for taking away your dreams. It's just that they were simply passing on their own lack of belief as it was stripped away from them when they were growing up. It's a long and sad circle of events that gets passed down from one generation to the next.

But that doesn't mean you have to put up with being that way.

You can create a new intention and decide to change your beliefs and rekindle that spark of determination and desire to achieve whatever it was you wanted to do as a child. Nothing is really stopping you from taking action apart from yourself.


You need to put some faith in your ability to overcome any obstacle that is placed in your path and work around it to stay on your own path leading to your goal.

Faith is something that we can all experience and not necessarily in a religious way. But more in a way that gives us total belief in what we know we can do deep down inside.

Faith is a strong emotion that comes from the absolute belief that we can do a thing no matter what anybody else says or what any circumstance or situation gets in our way. Failure is not an option and in fact, where faith is present, fear and failure cannot exist.


There is a surprising amount of enthusiasm-raising power in saying that you are going to aim for the stars in your next venture and achieve success.

If you ever dreamed of doing a thing but for whatever reason you never did it, start to re-light that fire of desire and make plans to set out on your journey to achieving that goal. Aim for the stars and according to the law of attraction, you will be sure to hit the moon!

Believe that you can do it, to manifest your desires, believe that you deserve it and believe that you are worthy of it and you will create the necessary faith in yourself to achieve it!

Date Posted: 27th November, 2023

Written by: Terry Didcott