Thinking Things Into Existence: Is it Possible?

Is it even possible to start thinking things into existence with only the power of the mind?

Would that not be more like a magic trick than true creativity?

Since as far back as history is recorded, there have been stories, myths or legends about powerful magicians able to defy the laws of physics by seeming to manifest solid objects out of thin air!

However, there is no concrete evidence to prove they actually did what was believed they did.

Wizards, Witches and Magicians

thinking things into existenceWe only have the documented perception of those that witnessed these events to inform us that such things occurred.

As we are well aware, sleight of hand can produce very believable results when performed by highly experienced, performing magicians today.

Unfortunately, no matter how compelling the idea that a human may possess the ability to cause physical manifestation through psycho-creativity or "the power of their mind," there is no verifiable proof today that such a thing is possible.

It is highly probable that those historical tales of magicians and their displays of manifestation were little more than the awe-inspired narratives of witnesses to clever conjuring acts.

Tricking a group of likely uneducated peasants with apparent acts of magic would not have been difficult.

Fortunately, that doesn't rule out the possibility that we are capable of much more than we currently know.

Non-Magical Manifestation

As far as anyone knows, it is still not possible to sit in an easy chair and dream a desire into existence!

Creating something out of nothing would take a massive leap in mental evolution. We would need to have developed the capability and full use of so-called meta-abilities such as psychokinesis, telepathy and other physics-defying abilities only dreamed up in science-fantasy novels thus far.

Climbing back down to earth from the heights of amazing imagination and re-engaging our rather more mundane sense of reality, there is another way of interpreting the possibility of being able to "think it into existence." Through the use of meditation and positive thinking, we know that creating ideas is highly actionable.

Ideas are the starting point for plans of action. When acted upon, those plans can result in the bringing into existence of something desired.

The only major difference (from thinking into existence) is that this method takes physical action to manifest the thing desired into its physical form.

Is Manifestation Really Magic?

However, the first part of that process would seem to be the most magical to a person that has never experienced it. Seasoned practitioners of meditation will of course be more familiar with the process of clearing the mind completely and allowing ideas or hunches to percolate through to consciousness from seemingly nowhere.

It is sometimes referred to as Infinite Intelligence or The Universe and is best described as the repository or pool of all knowledge that our minds are able to connect with when in a deep meditative state. Answers to questions are often found in this way as well as solutions to problems that can, when acted upon, really bring about perfect and workable solutions.

Is this not the same as "thinking something into existence?"

When a problem can be solved by finding ways to deal with it that have only come from the depths of a person's mind during a meditative state, many would call it inspiration or creative thinking. Yet the end result is the solving of a problem that could not have otherwise been solved through logical thinking.

Is This the Law of Attraction?

By now, if you have already read other articles published on this website, you will recognize the Law of Attraction at work through mental faculties available to all of us if we choose to use them. To obtain answers to questions of solutions to problems, we first have to be in harmony with their frequencies.

To do that, we need to be able to declutter our minds and relax our bodies. We need to be in a stress-free, uninterruptible state where we can be free to receive the ideas that we are seeking by mimicking their frequencies.

Sine the Law of Attraction likes action, we know we must grasp the ideas we receive and do whatever is physically necessary to put those ideas into action. That may take some physical work, communicating with other people and getting things moving to bring about the solution required.

While we're making use of the metaphysical properties of the Law of Attraction, we're doing so in a wholly physical sense that corresponds to our physical nature. We're able to bridge these two concepts to deploy our plans and reap the results yet remain in our physical realm.

How to Learn More About Attracting What You Want?

There are a number of ways to increase your knowledge and understanding of the attractive process that can be instigated with your thoughts and emotions. Real world tuition classes and lectures are one way.

There are also several good Law of Attraction certification courses available to purchase online, one of which I have taken myself and recommend to others via my own review, which you can read by clicking that link. Through Dr Joe Vitale's practitioner certification course you can become a certified Law of Attraction coach or teacher in your own right.

It is quite true that by learning to teach others a skill, the teacher is also an advanced student and is constantly learning more. By taking a training or coaching course yourself, you will naturally learn more about the Law through your own studies and by putting what you have learned into practice though your own actions.

To grow or increase in your own life, one of the things you will need to so is to learn how to decide what you want and then to focus your thoughts on exactly what it is that you want. You then hold that thought in your mind for as long as possible, while also experiencing the feelings of actually having it in your possession right now.

It is by combining the thought with the feeling that you create that strong, attractive force in your physical being that matches the frequency of what it is you desire. The stronger the emotion associated with that thought, the stronger the attractive force.

People and circumstances that are in harmony with your desires will then be polarized to your frequency. They will then, in some way, be attracted into your life either physically or through an intermediary (such as a mutual contact, a business or a community group of some kind for example).

While you won't exactly bring the thing you desire into existence in a puff of smoke like the stage magician, you will create the right circumstances for it to be created by physical means. This is the closest we can get to the concept of a true manifestation miracle of our desires, until such time as our consciousness has evolved to greater capabilities.

The Secret to Manifesting Whatever You Want

There is a secret to knowing how to think things into existence, but when you learn what it is, you will be able to manifest anything you really want.

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Q and A

I'll clear a few things up by posing and answering some commonly asked questions about this subject:

What is it called when you think something into existence?

If it were possible to achieve this feat, it would be called "manifestation."

How to think things into existence?

As it stands now, we can only receive ideas and plans of how to create solutions to our problems or answer our questions. In that sense, we can only "think" ideas and answers into existence. To convert those solutions or answer into their physical equivalent takes physical action.

Speaking things into existence (Law of Attraction): is it possible?

A similar problem can be described when, with the Law of Attraction, speaking things into existence by turning thoughts into reality seems an appealing idea. While the things that you think about and verbalize in words can be attracted to you through the law and believing something into existence is possible as an end result, it still requires you to take action to make something happen.

How to will something into existence?

By using only the power of will, you would not get very far in your task of willing something into form or your thoughts becoming reality. The stress of exerting will power will naturally act as a barrier to your progress, since stress reduces our ability to think cleanly or purely.

Can you wish things into existence?

This is a similar process to "thinking" or "willing" something to exist. We don't have the capability (at least not yet) to create something real out of nothing. A good stage magician can create the illusion of this and make it appear real, but it is only an illusion.

How to focus your thoughts?

The best way to focus thought is through meditation. The process starts with you forming a question in your mind that you require the answer to. Once fixed in your mind, you then let it go along with all other thoughts and process of reason, logic or calculation in your mind.

In other words, you clear you mind of all thoughts so that there are no thoughts active at all. Then continue to the deepest meditative state you can attain, depending on your skill. And wait.

The answer will come to you at some point from the depths of your consciousness and you will return to full consciousness in due time with the information you need, or at least enough of it to proceed to formulating a plan of action to bring the thing desired into form through physical means.

How to manifest money quickly and easily?

This is a commonly asked question, most often by people that are short of money and in need of getting some in a hurry. The short answer is that it is not possible to simply make money appear out of nothingness simply by sitting in a chair and dreaming that it will come to you in the quickest and easiest way possible!

The way to set the wheels in motion for money to find its way to you is exactly as described above in focusing your thoughts and meditating with your question in mind. The only difference is that you can't simply ask for lots of money to come into your possession.

You must get specific with the exact amount of money that you desire and also set a realistic date for you to receive it. To strengthen the attractive force, you ought to formulate in your mind and then write down the amount, the date and also what you intend to give in return for receiving the money.

This might sound counter-intuitive if your goal is to attract money quickly and easily, but the reality is that you will never merely attract money without any intention of giving something of equal or greater value in return. This is the law of giving and receiving and you need to conform to this by giving something of equivalent value in order to receive the money you desire.

The final word on the question, "Can you think something into existence?" is that attracting your desires is a process and it is not necessarily ever easy. However, it is possible with some work on your behalf to manifest your dreams through proper use of the Law of Attraction and learning to give before you can receive!

Last Updated: 2nd October, 2022


Written by: Terry Didcott