Mathew Dixon: Ho'oponopono Music Creator

In their ground-breaking ho'oponopono certification course, Dr. Joe Vitale and Dr. Hew Len team up with Mathew Dixon, a world-renowned healing musician, producer and owner of ″Zero Limits Music.″

In this article, I will introduce Mathew Dixon, explain who he is and how he has helped to tranform the lives of many thousands of people through his healing music and its integration with Dr Joe Vitale's ho'oponopono certification course along with Hawaiian Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len.

Who is Mathew Dixon?

mathew dixon ho'oponoponoMathew Dixon, a guitarist with many albums under his belt, is an accomplished player.

He is also Dr Joe Vitale's guitar teacher. Mathew met Joe when he wanted to learn more about ho'oponopono (the Hawaiian healing method described by Dr Joe Vitale in his book, ″Zero Limits″).

Mathew and Joe became friends through their deep thinking. He said that he wanted to make an album of music together, but it would be very different.

Music that helps you let go, forgive, balance and heal your energy. It would be music that aligns your energy centres, all seven.

Mathew explained that each energy centre corresponds with a musical key. Mathew did further research and found that music can be played and then mixed in the studio in such a way as to influence each chakra or energy centre.

Further, he explained that each track could use one of the mantras from ho'oponopono's healing method.

This would allow all tracks to work together to align and adjust your whole being. The goal is to get to "zero" which means at this point there are no limits.

The music is meant to open your energy centres and get them working in harmony. It will also lead to an experience that allows you to dissolve your limitations and reach a state of enlightenment.

Other publications in musical healing:

From Zero

Mathew Dixon's "From Zero" ten tracks are inspired healing guitar music. "From Zero" is a combination of modern Flamenco guitar and ho'oponopono healing.

It musically removes all negativity and energy blocks. It was inspired by the book and ho'oponopono. Dr. Joe Vitale, has infused it with the subliminal message:

"Please forgive me, I am sorry, thank you. I love you."

Listening makes you feel at ease and relaxed.

Aligning to Zero (with Joe Vitale)

This recording will transform your entire being. All you have to do is listen and relax while doing (or not) what you wish!

Sometimes, it seems like modern science is playing catch up; proving what Ancients knew thousands of years earlier.

Recent scientific research has shown that certain sounds, beats and music can have healing, mood-enhancing and mind-expanding properties. It could even affect your physical body.

However, that's just half of the story. I also want to talk about some special music that combines old and new and spiritual and energy to create something truly extraordinary.

It is possible to have all these benefits just by listening to "Aligning To Zero" while you work, relax, surf the internet, make love, and drive.

There are seven energy centres within your body. They are known as "Chakras" in some ancient systems.

They are energy wheels that spin when you breathe and live. They may not be felt, but they work to keep you alive.

Energy Centres

Experts agree that these energy centres must be in sync and functioning smoothly to ensure a happy, healthy life.

Any one of these energy centres can become dysfunctional and cause serious problems. These areas correspond to the seven chakras (from the bottom up).

Each energy centre has a specific function. Your life will flow if they all work together and are in sync. Recent science has shown that these energy centres also house your hormone centres.

Imagine if all these could be aligned and worked in harmony. How do you align your energy centres?

Sound can be used to heal your mind and soothe your body. It can also influence your bones!

Since music can influence bone structure, it is not such a stretch of the imagination to see that it could also influence your energy centres.

Music therapy is a known form of healing. It's where music professionals are trained to use it in the following areas:

  • Promoting wellness and health
  • Managing stress
  • Managing pain
  • Allowing the expression of feelings
  • Memory enhancement
  • Improved communication
  • Promoting physical healing

This list could go on. Many organizations study music therapy and measure the results scientifically. It is obvious that "healing music” is real. It's not new.

For many thousands of years, music of one form or another has been used as medicine. Music was believed to be a healing tool for the body and soul by ancient Greek philosophers.

Native Americans include much singing and chanting in their healing rituals. The American Cancer Society has even suggested making use of music to aid in the healing process.

Music is a powerful tool for healing and has been found to provide a good approach to helping with aligning the energy centres in the body.

Listening to "Aligning To Zero" will do much more for you than you may at first imagine.

Summing Up

This is who Mathew Dixon is and how his healing music is helping countless people to find their own balance with nature while relieving stress and promoting a calmer, more relaxed state.

His music is integral with Dr Joe Vitale's training on ho'oponopono as well as other projects the two have teamed up to create.

Date Posted: 7th November, 2021


Written by: Terry Didcott