How to Overcome Mental Blocks

Knowing how to overcome mental blocks can be the solution to the problem most of us face when trying to attain success but being stopped in our tracks by an unknown force.

One of the main obstacles that stand in the way of us reaching our goal is our own unconscious paradigm that's running the show without our conscious knowledge and that's what we must find a way past.

It can happen when we're stuck in our career path or feel unseen forces are conspiring against us when we try to grow. Our relationship may falter or we may have hit a plateau in our journey to better health.

how to overcome mental blocksWhatever it is we're aiming for, becoming prevented from moving forward can be frustrating and energy-sapping.

Identifying and understanding what it is that's trapping us in a spiral of procrastination, over-analyzing and mental exhaustion is the key to releasing the block and freeing our forward momentum.

So what exactly is a mental block and how can it be overcome? Let's dive in:

What a Mental Block Is

What we're dealing with here is something inside of us that doesn't want us to move forward in whatever direction we intend going.

It hijacks our mental faculties, causing us to feel mentally obstructed in our thinking process which in turn prevents us from realizing each new step in our forward progression of a plan or project.

While we consciously want very much to get on with what it is we're doing, the unconscious obstruction gets in the way and stalls us. That stalling can take any number of forms, but most often it manifests as inability to concentrate on a task, reduced cognitive function or brain fog, tiredness or mental fatigue and a general lack of enthusiasm.

Often popularly referred to as "writer's block" this kind of limitation on our progress can cause us to underachieve, miss deadlines, make poor decisions and even lose interest in the goals we set out to reach.

Now we know what a mental block is, let's look at what causes it.

The Cause of Mental Blocks

The most widespread cause of a mental blockage is the one or more programs fixed in our subconscious mind.

These programs, or paradigms were installed in our minds when we were children and we didn't have any say in whether we wanted them or not. That's because before the age of around six years, a child's subconscious mind is wide open and recording everything that goes on around them, good and bad.

The reason for this is simply for survival. Ancestrally, a child needed to learn about their environment if they were going to get through largely unscathed and make it to adulthood.

The most efficient way of doing this is to enable the absorption of all external experiences in the environment they are being brought up in so that the developing mind has a platform to gauge what is safe and what is dangerous.

The downside to this process is that in our modern world, the dangers of living in the open with predators and other dangers at every turn are no longer there. However, a child still needs to learn about its environment and it does that by listening and watching what adults and their siblings do and learning from them.

If the environment the child is brought up in is one of poverty with parents always arguing about things like the lack of money, not being able to do things or having to go without will leave a certain kind of paradigm recorded in the child's subconscious. It will be one of lack and limitation and it will become the accepted way to live as the child grows up.

Equally, if the child was constantly scolded for being bad, or told they don't deserve things or that they are stupid for example, they will grow up with those sentiments buried in their minds. Every time they go to do something that would be of great benefit to them, the paradigm will kick in and remind them that they "don't deserve it" or they're "not good enough."

These are classic mental blocks that prevent so many people from achieving any kind of goals, not because they are lazy or stupid, but because their programming won't let them.

Manifestation of Mental Blocks

There are s number of physical manifestations of the controlling paradigms that give a clue to what is going on and what needs to be changed.


Perfectionism is a common limiting trait of obstructive paradigms.

This causes a restriction on how fast a person can progress along a project because having to do everything perfectly without error can be slow, cumbersome and demoralizing.

It pairs nicely with over-analytical thinking that leads to analysis paralysis, which holds us back and prevents us from getting ahead of the game.


The need for certainty restricts a person's options when moving forward, because it keeps them in a safe zone and prevents expansion into the riskier unknown.

The problem here is that in order to really get ahead, a person must be prepared to get out of their comfort zone and take risks. Making mistakes is par for the course when striving to achieve really exciting goals as long as the person learns from those mistakes.

Self Doubt

We become what we think about most as well as what we believe and if we believe we are not good enough or we don't deserve the win, we will never achieve it.

To succeed in anything, a person needs to believe in themselves. With self-belief we can achieve whatever we set out to do.

A negative self image or poor self esteem can and will throw up all kinds of obstacles, so this is a trait that must be reversed.

Getting Over a Mental Block

To overcome any kind of mental blockage, the first step is identifying what the root cause is before it can be tackled.

It can be more difficult than it first seems to identify mental blocks, because they have a habit of camouflaging themselves as things they are not. For example, lacking creativity, inspiration or innovation might appear to be the problem, when they're really the outward manifestation of the true inner problem.

The real cause is the paradigm buried deep in the subconscious. Unfortunately, revealing the exact nature of the habit cluster is not easy because it deliberately hides itself from discovery as a kind of survival mechanism.

The best we can often do is make an educated assumption as to the paradigm's true nature. Then to work to replace the deep-rooted program with one that is more favourable to our ongoing success.

That work will involve re-programming the mind with positive programs for success. To achieve that, we must first get past the subconscious mind's internal sentinel that guards the door to the inner mind.

That guard is diligently active all the while we are fully conscious, so no amount of repeating positive affirmations will have any affect. To get past the sentinel, you need to trick it into dropping its guard.

Putting the Sentinel to Sleep

You do that by waiting until you are falling asleep and then playing a recorded series of positive affirmations repetitively while you sleep. This has seen huge success in a large number of studies into "sleep learning."

It has the most effect when we are in the process of dropping off to sleep as our brains enter the theta brainwave state. It is in this state that we are most receptive to reprogramming the subconscious.


There is another way to slip by the sentinel and that is by using hypnosis and administering the positive affirmations in the form of hypnotic suggestion.

This can be carried out by a skilled hypnotherapist, which is something I personally have experience of. Hypnosis is arguably the most effective method because a hypnotherapist can maintain a subject in a theta brainwave state for much longer, enabling better retention of suggestions.


Still another method of getting past the mental gate-keeper is through meditation.

However, this is only really effective for people that are well skilled in meditating. That's because less advanced meditators tend to fall out of theta brainwave into delta sleep too quickly and the benefits of positive mantras are reduced or lost.

By being present in mind while becoming calm and relaxed in body can enable the subconscious to accept new repetitive learnings.

It is important to be aware however, that if certain affirmations are in direct conflict with a long-term, deeply-rooted paradigm, the paradigm itself can take over and create a mental block to prevent the new affirmations from taking hold.

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That is why it is necessary to do any mental reprogramming while the subconscious is disassociated from the conscious, which is best achieved during theta brainwave activity.

Obtaining Recorded Mental Reprogramming

There are a number of programs in existence that attempt to create mental reprogramming through the repetition of positive affirmations and mantras that can be listened to while sleeping.

Some of these have positive effects on many people. The only problem is that to obtain a good program that has been professionally created and overseen by professional psychologists tends to be expensive.

Of course, the cost in time and money in going to see a professional hypnotherapist for several sessions of mental reprogramming work can work out to be far higher.

I can recommend a relatively effective program that has been shown to have very good results for a lot of people to date. It is called the NeuroSwitch Code and is delivered as a digital download, meaning you get access to the material straight away after paying for it.

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Mental blocks prevent us from moving forward in our journey to improve and develop the self despite our desire to do so.

They can be overcome through learning how and then using the knowledge to begin reprogramming the subconscious paradigms that are holding us back. It's good to have a goal and even better when you have the freedom to go after it and get it.

Don't let the programs that were put there by other people limit your life. Change them and enjoy a limitless life of abundance, prosperity and happiness!

Date Posted: 18th May, 2023

Written by: Terry Didcott