Gratitude: Be Thankful for What You Attract

A vital aspect of using the Law of Attraction is expressing gratitude. Be thankful for what you receive and you will attract more things to be grateful for.

This is such an important point to understand, I cannot stress it enough! desire

I make it my business to always say "thank you" when I receive something.

It has become second nature to thank a person for a gift or a good deed.

If I receive something when there is nobody physically present to thank, such as getting something in the post, or electronically, I thank the universe!

In this article, I want to explain why I do this and why I believe it's so important to show and express gratitude wherever it's due.

What Are You Grateful For?

gratitudeHow did I get into this routine and why is it so powerful when it's done with a good heart?

I didn't always do this, of course. When I was a younger man, I didn't know anything about the law of attraction or "new thought" as it is also known.

The never taught any of this in school and my parents certainly knew nothing of the power of spiritual knowledge and application. However, one thing they did instil in me was that I should always thank someone if they gave me something.

In my teenage years, I worked in a shop and it became an unconscious habit to always say thank you when a person paid for goods. Often, customers would echo this sentiment when receiving the goods they just paid for.

I knew it as plain old fashioned good manners!

Yet there was a lesson in there that I didn't really become aware of until I was much older.

Learning What is Not Taught in School

Not until I broke away from the corporate brainwashing enslavement I endured after leaving school (most people don't see it that way) and retrained as a hypnotherapist did I come to realise there was much more to life and behaviour that I was "educated" in by the "system."

I went to night school to learn psychology and started reading mainstream authors such as Freud and Jung et al, which opened a whole new world of understanding for me. Learning hypnosis and self-hypnosis opened a door to another world of consciousness:


It also spurred me on to want to know more about how the mind works. I started reading a lot of books (this was before the Internet) and it lead me down a rabbit hole of discovery.

It was inevitable, I suppose, that I would eventually come across a book that would change the course of my learning (in a good way). "The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success" by Deepak Chopra was that book!

Giving and Receiving

One of those spiritual laws was that of giving (and receiving) with an open heart, or without expecting anything in return.

It was a powerful lesson that teaches to receive something you must first give something. This is a fundamental law of nature, when you break it down, because giving is how receiving can even occur!

In nature, if we take a simple seed as our example, we can see that the seed must first be placed in a situation that is conducive to its growing into a new plant. In other words it must receive the gift of fertile soil, light and moisture before it can germinate. Without that gift, nothing will happen!

That may be a bit tough to get your head around at first, but it does make sense. In applying the law of giving, Chopra wrote,

"Today I will gratefully receive all the gifts that life has to offer me"

Notice he added "gratefully" before the word "receive."

Throughout that whole book, there was not much else to suggest the importance of gratitude, but just that one simple concept said so much.

It wasn't until later and further along my journey of discovery did I read another milestone book, "The 11 Forgotten Laws" by Raymond Holliwell. In that book, there was a similar chapter to Chopra's law of giving, called the "Law of Receiving," which this time delved much deeper into the importance of gratitude.

Attitude of Gratitude

In Rhonda Byrne's book and movie "The Secret," one of the presenters (I think it was Dr. Joe Vitale) quipped the term, having an "attitude of gratitude."

It means that by being grateful for even the smallest of things, you are open to receiving larger and larger things that you will also be equally grateful for.

This is actually a sensible attitude to cultivate. That's because when you express gratitude for receiving things, you are sending out that energy to the universe that you want more things to be grateful for.

Applying Gratitude to the Law of Attraction

To get the law of attraction working in your life, in addition to a number of steps that you need to take, there are also a number of ways to behave.

I have already covered some aspects of this in other articles. The fundamental starting point is in understanding that everything in this universe is energy and like attracts like.

With this knowledge, we can integrate the law of attraction into our lives by following s series of steps or actions.

We start the ball rolling by stating our intention for what we want to attract and create the energy field associated with that intent. By placing our fullest attention onto what we want, we focus the energy field on that point.

By taking action in the physical realm as well as in the mental realm, we create circumstances favourable to the manifestation of our desire. Then by feeling the expectation of receipt, we imbue the energy field with the sense of certainty that what we desire will manifest.

By expressing gratitude for the receipt of the expected desire, we add another powerful layer of attractiveness to the request sent out to the universe with thanks.

With perseverance and tenacity to attract your desired thing maintained, while remaining calm with a sense of detachment, its manifestation is virtually assured (as assuredly as anything can be in this life).


Without going too deeply into the so-far understood nature of quantum physics, we are able to attract something that is desired.

The process begins with asking. It continues with expectation and concludes with grateful receiving.

While this sounds compelling and almost magical, there is a good deal of evidence to suggest that manifestation of desires is possible through the correct use of the law of attraction and empowered by the expression of heart-felt gratitude.

There is still much we don't fully understand, of course. But that is changing as more is done to develop a complete understanding of the laws of nature and how they truly interact in our lives.

Date Posted: 21st February, 2023


Written by: Terry Didcott