Deciding What You Want

Getting what you want out of life is to some extent determined by what you have firmly decided you definitely want rather than merely dreaming about something vague. One of the most important things about achieving the thing you most want to achieve in life is in deciding what it is that you actually want to achieve.

Now that may sound pretty obvious, but it is surprising just how many people don't really know exactly what it is they want out of life.

Most are content to let life dictate how it's going to be and don't make any serious effort to change what they consider to be the "way it is." They certainly don't sit down and state categorically that "I want to achieve X or Y or Z" and then formulate a definite plan for bringing it about.

A Definite Purpose

Yet this is exactly what is needed if a person is to go after a goal in life and succeed in achieving that goal. They need a definite purpose and the determination and tenacity to go after it no matter what.

But nothing will ever happen until the first step is taken and that step is in deciding what it is that you really want.

It's no use thinking to yourself that you want to enjoy a life of luxury with plenty of money and all the trapping of a wealthy lifestyle that money brings. That's not definite; it's just a vaporous wish until you turn it into something definite.

definite purposeYou can do that by stating exactly the amount of money you expect to see in your bank account each month, or stating exactly the kind of house you want, what make and model of yacht or car or whatever it is that you see as being a certain part of that lifestyle.

It's no use wishing for a perfect relationship with a your perfect partner if you don't even know what that perfect person should be like in every respect and then how that relationship is going to operate on a day to day basis. You need to be definite in creating that life for yourself.

And it's no use wishing for good health if you don't know what defines good health! You need to be sure that what you want is a perfect definition of good physical and mental health.

Writing Down a Plan

The way to be definite in anything you desire to bring into your reality is to write down exactly what you want to see in your life. If it's an amount of money, then write down that amount as you expect to see it.

It may be a lump sum of capital in the bank earning interest, or it may ne a monthly income amount. You need to decide what is right for your definition of "perfect."

The same goes for any desire in life, from the perfect partner, perfect health and perfect lifestyle to the perfect car or other trapping of success you decide is what will exactly define it for you.

Creating Your Reality

Once you have written your major desire down on paper and put it in a prominent place where you will see it every day, then you need to go to work inside your head in creating the belief that what you desire, you have.

Napoleon Hill in "Think and Grow Rich" pointed out that you can actually create the necessary faith in your belief that what you want you will have by tricking your subconscious mind into believing you actually have that faith.

You do that by repetition of affirmation.

Your mind learns by repetition. By repeating a strong, positive statement of fact to yourself and infusing that repeated statement with positive emotion, you can make your subconscious mind accept the statement as truth. Once this is achieved, your mind will, via your imagination, create for you the necessary ideas or plans that you need to carry out in order to bring your desires into reality.

Many people were led to believe in the book "The Secret" that all they had to do was imagine having the thing they wanted in their mind and it would be created in their reality. They believed that it meant by picturing the thing desired in their imaginations, they could as if by magic attract it into their lives.

That idea is flawed because there is more to the process than that.

Desire Becomes Reality Via Action

You can't create something from nothing. It has to be created from substance and that substance has to come from somewhere. When you earnestly desire a thing, you can visualize it in your thoughts and send out the though waves of believing you have it. But it will not come to you by magic.

Action on your part is required. You will certainly be putting yourself on the right vibration frequency to attract the desired good into your life by constantly using your thought in this positive way.

But what you will attract will be an idea, a plan or a way of getting the thing. Or you may attract another person who is on the same frequency as you who might turn out to be instrumental in helping you to bring your desire into the real world.

Attracting the Way

However it comes, what you will attract will be the way for you to realize your desired good. You still have to do something to make it happen. But when you do take action, it will be the right thing to lead you to what it is that you have decided you want more than anything and the power of will, determination, tenacity and persistence to get it will be a part of that attracted good.

Faith mixed with positive emotion in knowing you can bring into your reality the thing you so earnestly desire is the way to make it happen. This takes a lot of practice and a lot of disciplined self belief. But you can do it if you believe you can do it.

This is how to bring the thing you want into your life by using the power of your thoughts and the knowledge that what you can believe in your mind, you can achieve in the physical realm. It is possible and doable as long as you have the faith in yourself that you can do it. Once you have that faith, you are unstoppable!

Written by: Terry Didcott