Success Accelerator Subliminal Videos Review

Did you know that you can make yourself believe almost anything through subliminal messages? You can become successful at life, love, business, fame or whatever you want when you program your mind to believe that you can do it!

This is nothing new, either. Advertisers and psychologists have known about the power of using subliminal messages in audio and visual media since the first moving pictures were screened to live audiences.

How Powerful are Subliminally Projected Messages?

success accelerator subliminal video courseBack in the 1950s, a trial was run where single frame images of hot dogs, pop corn and a certain brand of soda were inserted into the reel of film being broadcast to cinemagoers viewing a major movie. At the intermission break, sales of those items went up by a huge margin.

When later asked why they bought those items at the break, audience members did not know, except that they just had a sudden craving for one or other of those items during the movie.

Before long advertisers were using this trick to sell products, merchandise and services until the practice was banned by the introduction of federal laws. The reason for the ban was that the practice had become too successful and people were being mislead into buying things they didn't want or need.

Advertising and the Power of the Mind

The injection of single frame messages and images were known as "subliminal cuts" and they worked by using the way in which our bodies interact with the world around us. This is how it works.

Our eyes see everything that happens within their field of view and all that data is registered in our memories. However our conscious minds are not able to process so much information in a way that is useful to us, so much of it is ignored. We only tend to be aware of the things that are important to us.

However, that information is still stored and it is the unconscious (or subconscious) part of our minds that "knows" about it all, even if it is not acted upon. A subliminal message or image flashes past so fast our conscious minds do not register it, but our subconscious minds do!

The power of this knowledge is that when an item is flashed upon the subconscious mind that it recognises even in part, it acts by creating a favourable emotional response. So if a cool refreshing can of soda flashes on there, while we don't consciously see it, we get an emotional response that makes us desire the drink.

We may not know even why we want it. All we know is that we want it.

Subliminals Used for Good

Many might see that use of subliminals as sneaky, unfair or even evil. Advertisers simply see it as a method that works. But there is a good side to this phenomenon.

We can also use audio and visual subliminally added messages that can cause us to alter our mental state or our behaviour patterns in a way that is beneficial to us. We can flash messages onto our subconscious minds that instruct it to produce an emotional response that is positive in nature.

By this I mean we can actually employ subliminal messages to cause us to believe that we have become more confident (than we used to be). Or that we can achieve greater feats of mental or physical agility.

Or that we can do things that we never would have believed we were capable of doing before. Our thoughts can become our reality when we know how to use our conscious mind correctly.

In that sense, we can make ourselves believe that we will be successful when we set out to do something. Like for instance when starting a business, studying for a big exam or even having the courage to get to know a person we want to get into a relationship with and then to have the confidence to make that relationship a happy and successful one.

In short, the power of manipulating our subconscious in a positive way can make right any number of things that may be wrong in our lives.

How to Obtain These Subliminally Created Messages

The only tough part about this is how to go about getting the right kind of material that will influence us in a favourable way. Remember, we're dealing with a part of the mind that is still largely unknown.

But what we do know is enough to either do some good when used correctly, or do harm if used incorrectly (whether unintentional or otherwise).

A person sufficiently trained in the psychological field will know how this is done. Since I am a fully qualified hypnotherapist and psychoanalyst, I myself have extensive knowledge on how this works.

I know that when using subliminally recorded messages either using audio or visual media, that the message must be voiced in the positive. That's because the subconscious does not recognize the negative.

So when a stage hypnotist tries to stop you smoking by telling you that "you will NOT smoke anymore," what your subconscious actually hears is that "you will smoke any more". The probability is strong that you'll end up smoking even more after taking on board a hypnotic suggestion worded in that manner!

I also know that Richard A Luck is a fully trained hypnotist and NLP practitioner so I can fully recommend his products in that respect. He currently has an excellent video course that you can buy online called "Success Accelerator Subliminal Videos" that can really make a big positive difference in your life when you use them.

I am sure that you want to make improvements in some areas of your life. Most people do! This is one very effective and easy way to do that.

Is Success Accelerator Safe?

One thing you can be completely sure about is that this course is totally safe. You cannot do any damage to yourself or anyone else by using the material contained in the video course, you can only do yourself good!

The suggestions contained in the material are subtle but enhancing and will grow in effectiveness when used regularly over time. That's because gaining confidence or the feeling of success and self empowerment is a thing that is learned like anything else.

And as we learn best by repetition, repeatedly watching the videos will compound the effectiveness of the messages being absorbed by your unconscious mind for your greater benefit in whatever it is you want to excel or succeed in. In other words, the more you use it the more effective it will be!

Please Note: The program under review here has been withdrawn. I will include links to the program should it becomes available again.

Last Updated: 31st March, 2023

Written by: Terry Didcott